Help!- Stemless 6 arm. Should I get this or not?

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    YouTube - Kanaal van HossGlass

    I included the youtube link. I know its not going to compete with a toro or a syn, but is it getting the job done? At the end when hes ripping it with water, it seems like they dont have enough water in the bottom part. Is it just bad design, not enough water, or is that how a stemless looks when its ripped. Thanks a bunch in advance.

  2. None of you aficionado's have any opinions on this?
  3. how much do they want??

    i would say no, they are CLOSED END percs. the bottoms are not open. you will get more diffusion out of an OPEN END percolator than a CLOSED END.
  4. Don't know much about tree percs but with the end closed it would probably be draggy. Not too sure man, unless those are cheap I would say get something else :( Looks real cool though!
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    Close ended percs are not worse at diffusing, they just add a bit more drag when clearing the tube and they usually have a slit on the bottom.

    From what i've seen Hoss seems to be like some pretty quality well made glass and that looks like a sweet tube. If the price is right i would say its a good choice.

    There is definitely not enough water in the bottom chamber in the video, it's usually filled above the hole so the smoke has to pass through the water. It seems like it would also work better if the perc was higher up an inch or two.
  6. yeah thats what i was thinking. Seems like the perc needs to be a little higher so you could get more water in the bottom

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