HELP! stem is growing diaginally and feels week

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by pcgrow, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. hi whats up ppl, im doing my first grow ever and this is my fist problem ive encvoutered, im growin g a cobra and a white dwarf, , check it out i have a lil page going,

    the stem is not straight, growing diagonally ,
    i touched it, it feels really loose as if it was just in the soil, how can i fix this?
  2. neone? i wanna go to bed coz im bllllaaaazzzzzzeeeeedddd, dont wanna kill it tho,
  3. what kind of lights are you using and how close to the plant are the lights?
  4. pics? where is the link to the page? ;?
  5. i havent got my camera on me untill 2moro, ill post a pic then, just thought sumone mite now a easy cure.....
  6. we need to know the cause before we can give you a solution. again, what kind of lights are you using?
  7. Get the cfls closer or switch to the proper "blue" light for veg

  8. are you a fortune teller? :D
  9. just figured it was a good guess after seeing a lot of beginner threads:D:confused::eek:
  10. lol u r correct, i have put it againts a matchstick, it holds it ok, im using red light as dont wanna spend ne more in grow, c how it goes
  11. you will be fine man, just make sure when you transplant, to mound the soil up around that stem, it will grow roots out its sides...allll good!:D:smoke:
  12. my cobra has little white hairs coming from the middle and from the lower branches, is she flowering allready!?, ive been given it bio-grow, is it ok to keep with that or should i move onto bio-bloom or topmax?
  13. wait on the bloom until you switch to 12/12...

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