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  1. So this female is about 2 1/2 weeks into flowering in a soil op. It's under a 250 W MH and 120W HPS, temperature is good and all in all the entire grow has gone smoothly. A few days ago it appeared to some signs of some small nut burn, so I flushed it. Last night I went to bed just about 3 hours into it's day cycle. When I woke up this morning it looks as if someone had come in and crushed the stems in random places, the top of the plant was nearly torn at the top from the weight, it looks like the stem just shriveled in random places. there don't appear to be any pests. The soil is a little over saturated but not much. Is it fungi? I can't think of what happened. No one else could have touched it.
  2. Pics pics pics
  3. sounds like my basil plants after the cat gets out :) like everyone esle said, pics, cos i can only think of one other thing, do the shrivels look like theyve dried out? Some of my other indoor plants have spots that literally look dead in the middle of the stem, its like darker and wrinkled. similar?
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    quick fix...split a straw(small straw) down the middle and put it around the stem..the split straw will coil/wrap itself around the stem forming an adjustable splint that will grow as the stem does and eventually on its own fall off, as it will nolonger fit..notice my stem...b4 and speaking from pic needed...real farmer

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  5. and there's no such thing as "a little saturated"...a little wet,damp, means like you clearly over watered using the word saturated!!!...dont water!!! just splint with the straw..plenty of light...and hope for the best...believe it or not, marijuana likes to grow thirsty!!! if that makes any sence? good luck
  6. wonder if he got this
  7. [quote name='"buddogmutt"']wonder if he got this[/quote]

    Lol me too. Great advice
  8. thanks...hey, it worked for
  9. do you have animals lol

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