HELP! starting my first ever grow in my closet

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  1. ok so im starting my first grow soon and its going to be in my closet im poor so i need the ceapest easiest way to grow i am growing one plant i read the stickies but there all to elaborate and expensive i just want to know how to grow one plant. i was thinking i was gonna use two cfl lamps and i need as many tips for a micro grow what kinda dirt what light cycles anything you could think of. just a step by step of what works best for you.
  2. your going to read some guides no1 body is going to give you a step by step process of how to grow a plant. im on my first grow and i read a ton b4 i started it
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    come on man, a little more help than sayin google weed guides, haha :smoke:

    2 CFL may give you some good results, depending on what wattage you have. also, there is a whole section here on grass city dedicated to micro grows. I would high recommend reading over a bunch of different people's setups, as you can gain a lot of knowledge on how to make a micro grow work.

    You get what you pay for when it comes to cultivating marijuana.

    Micro Grows - Forums


    also, for soil ... this is my setup. I realize if you are doing a micro grow, a 5 gal bucket wont be needed, but still, this is my setup. You can take what you can from it.

    SOIL: Foxfarm is my favorite brand when it comes to growing supplies. I suggest Foxfarm Ocean Forest, and some Happy Frog. I do two transplants each cycle.

    First Pot: Small pots are the best for the first one. Lets your seedling get a nice root ball going. In this pot, i use 4 parts happy frog, 1 part ocean forst.

    Second Pot: I use 1 gallon pots as the second. in this pot I use 3 parts ocean forest, 2 parts happy frog.

    Third Pot: 5 gallon bucket. 4 parts ocean forest, 1 part happy frog.




    as for light cycles, with CFL your going to want to give them as much light as possible. I would do 24/0 for veg, and obviously 12/12 for flower
  4. also im not smart you have to keep stuff simple. like wattage and stuff how would i know what kind of wattage is best? how do i know what wattage the bulbs are?
  5. wattage is how much power i guess you can say it takes the run the bulb. the lower the wattage the less power it has. you can find the wattage of any bulb on the box. or it will have the wattage right on the bulb. if your going to use flurecent tubes you want to use t5 bulbs. once again posted right on the box. for flurecent and cfls they come in different color temps. the color of light it is putting out basiclly. you want 6500k or daylight color for the veg cycle and 2700k or soft white for the flowering cycle

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