HELP! starting my first ever grow in my closet

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by chronicsticky, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. ok so im starting my first grow soon and its going to be in my closet im poor so i need the ceapest easiest way to grow i am growing one plant i read the stickies but there all to elaborate and expensive i just want to know how to grow one plant. i was thinking i was gonna use two cfl lamps and i need as many tips for a micro grow what kinda dirt what light cycles anything you could think of. just a step by step of what works best for you.
  2. How much room do you have to work with? Id suggest more than two cfls after the plant gets some size. You also should get a fan to blow across the plant as well to strengthen it and to not let the bud develop mold when flowering. As for soil medium, theres lots of tutorials on cheap soil diy. I personally just get FoxFarmsOceanForest, but if thats too much, then its super cheap to mix in your own perlite, etc. Do you need to worry at all about smell?
  3. no, smell is not a problem. and im just gonna go to walmart and get some organic soil. to be honest im trying to keep it as simple as possible. i also want to know what sort of ventilation i need. how many cfls should i need max?
  4. How big is the space? Is it the whole closet or is it partitioned? Do you have a way to suspend the lights? Door or open space?
  5. its about 2 and a half fee wide and like 4 feet tall and i have the bar that hangs my cloths but i was going to use desk lamps until it got too tall and then use those metal helmet things lol to my bulbs in when im ready to flower
  6. If you have the space and equipment, as many bulbs as you can would help. CFL put can put out a good amount of light, as long as they are close ie <2". +1 to the fan. If the space is not already flat white, paint it. And you did not mention a door or not. With a door, and no worry of smell, you can run a intake duct under the system to the back by the plants, and core a hole in the door and placing an exhaust fan in there. Negative pressure is the way to go.
  7. i've done it pretty cheap with 2 plants go to the link in my signature all the info for cheapness is there

    try to avoid HPS as it does burn electric and the heat issue is terrible so for veg go for blue 6400 CFL's or T5's then for flowering go for red 2700 CFL

    buying the lights are the most expensive parts of a cheap growing

    use cheap professional soil and cheap house plant food i've done this its very possible
  8. If costs are an issue you can always use some of your flowering bulbs to veg with. Some people go all the way through with flowering 2700 k bulbs. I use 4 6500k and 3 2700k in my cab. Then eventually when I switch they'll all be 2700k. You can always get one of those bigger cfl bulbs too which would help alot. I'm actually thinking about getting one or two just to boost the light in my cab as much as possible. More light = more buds

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