Help spider mite infestation 9 weeks in - should I just harvest?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ResinLip, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. I still need a few more days on straight water to flush the plants. They are not exactly ready yet but close.

    Chopping and hanging the plant causes all of the spider mites to jump ship, right?

    I used Neem earlier but they came back and the lady bigs just can't seem to do enough.

    I have a pyrithium bomb but never sprayed it. It's too late for that, right?

    Has anyone tried Mite-X?

    Anything elese short of harvesting a little early that I can try?
  2. HotShot No Pest Strip. Personally, even with a half life of something like 3 days, I would wait 4-5 weeks after harvest to smoke the weed. If you have massive airflow, you may want to cut it back for maximum effectiveness during the 3-4 day treatment.
  3. Anything you may use this close to harvest time could affect the quality/taste of your buds. There are some sprays that are supposed to be usable up to 1 day before harvest. I think they are pyrethrin based, Pyrethrins are an extract of the Chrysanthemum plant/flower.
    Natural Pesticides Don't Bug Me Insect Spray
  4. sounds like i should just harvest this grow. they abandon the dead plant as i understand. i would rather not spray this late if it means affecting the bud.

    someone i met in line at the dispensery said to hang the plant upside down with the root ball in lpace and they will all run to the root ball. not sure what this does beyond just killing the plant.

    was hoping for some other approach. i read about driving up humidity by misting with water a few times a day. might give that a whirl. and more lady bugs. the last batch i got seem to all be dead.

    any other suggestions for more natural approach?
  5. I don't think a dead and drying plant will support a mites preferred lifestyle, but I highly doubt that they'd run for the rootball :p Maybe??? I'd probably be inclined to cut each branch and give the underside of the leaves a blast of air before trimming and hanging them. Trimming alone should get rid of most of them.
  6. We've been discussing this in the hydro forum
  7. Have the mites webbed out yet?
  8. Yes, they are starting to make webs and i can see all of those little buggers with the pocket microscope.

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