HELP SOS Hermie suspected. Pictures attached

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  1. Looks like it to be fair... Soo sorry man... 😣😞

    Howard Marks: A dealer is really just someone who buys more dope than he can smoke. And I have to say, I'm ashamed, I tried to smoke it all. There was just too fuckin' much of it.
  2. Thanks for that buddy.

    Next step is figuring out wtf.

    Used feminised seeda from dna genetics

    Sprouted all 6, 4 sprouted

    Put them in small pots til 4 inches tall

    Then replanted, one did not grow, and the other just looked weird by 3 weeks into veg so killed em both and kept these 2

    5 weeks into flowering today and i notice these lil balls that i got on the last harvest from dna genetics auto flower lemon. I used new lights metal hallide and hps for flower. I use a cool tube light with ducting connected to carbon filter.

    I have a dehumidifier and there are no light leaks as its in a tent.

    I used canna nutrients and mixed in bloombastic with it.

    I keep my nutes inside the tent, could that have been the problem??
  3. Theres only 2 plants, shall i kill em or keep em,??? Use them for hash or what?
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    i say finish flowering and harvest them. if they turn out to be seeds then oh well, make hash, or smoke what would then be good schwag. whatever floats your boat, but if it were me and they were the only two plants i had, i'd see it through.

    Feminized seeds have a much higher tendency to go Herman than non femmed seeds. its just in their genes.
  5. Thanks a lot Jog horn
  6. Keep them if there's only two. I'd rather have some seedy weed then nothing for all the work put in so far :bongin:
  7. Did you clean the tent after last hermit crop
  8. Ahhhhhhhh i cleaned it but not thoroughly. Plus the tent was packed away in attic for two months ??
  9. Idk the lifespan of pollen but maybe

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