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  1. hi im on day 2 of germanation lol this is first time growing anything so am completly lost here um the soil im thinking of using is from my aunt's veggy garden last year had half bag left its called terra-lite "basket & planter mix" is this ok to use or should i go buy somthing?
    it contains umm
    vermiculite, sphagnum peat moss, gypsum, quartz, calcium carbonate and 99.7% polyacrylamide crystals.

    o an it says here not suitable for cacti and succulents what ever the last one is dont know.

    also im thinking of using a 20 watt philips cool white plus about 2 ft

    basically im growing this for my brother and me so we dont have to buy it anymore getting to expesnive and only growing at this time im germenating 6 seeds but only want to grow maby 2 plants basically its all going to grow on top of my desk under that lamp.

    am i missing anything or am i good to go when these seeds pop?
    or am i fubar lol?
    sorry for being a complete noob
  2. Hey man. Bienvenidos a Grass City. Your soil sounds ok. Not familiar with it but as long as it has no other nutrients (those would be listed on the bag with an NPK number) it sounds ok. If anything it might make the soil more alkaline. Consider picking up the $5.95 soil PH tester that you stick right into the soil. Might help down the road.

    The 20 watt Phillips bulb is a good CFL. If you could get a bunch of them that would be best. Four footers are even better. Get some cool and warm bulbs so you have something to flower with.

    Keep in mind down the road when they are in flower, they will need 12 hours of complete uninterrupted darkness. If this is not possible on your desk, that is not a great place to grow.

    Oh, don't forget to get a fan. They need a fan. What fertilizer you plan to use? You have until about week 3.5 or so after they pop through soil but, start thinking about fertilizer now.

    Good luck man.
  3. i was planing on using merical grow to start with but read fourms dont think thats a good idea so when i go out to the garden center tommorow i will look for some good fert but want to get some other dirt to to try i read somewere that soil that is made expesaly for tomato growing is good so going to try that along side this crap i got there is no markings on bag to indicate npk buy the time it starts to flower ill be outa this house and in an apartment so will have a room for growing since am getting 2 bedroom so on desk is not a perm spot for it just to start it out.
    what you think is a good fertalizer.
    thanks for help
  4. If you plan to go to a hardware store or nursery you can get something that is good for vegatables. Even better is a hydroponic store if there are some near you or you could order from If you go there you will have the choice of going organic or chemical ferts. You might be able to get organics at the nursery.

    As for soil, try to stay away from Miricle Grow, Scotts and Shultz. Most of their soils have fertilizer in them especially time release fertilzers which are bad.

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