HELP!! Soil Mites? I think!

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  1. Hey guys I just found these tiny white bugs only on the top layer of my soil. They're really fast but I found none on my leaves or stems. No damage to the leaves so far. Im growing in a tent in mycloset. Please any advise would be helpful this is my first time growing. I'm also using smart pots and have a white residue on them but plants are thriving and doing great. I don't know if it's mineral buildup or mold.

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  2. Azamax is your friend for the soil and neem is your friend for the plant. Better do something soon. neem spray on the top and bottom os leaves and azamax in the top layer of soil would solve this problem i think.
  3. Their fungus gnats I assume. In the top soil, they like the moisture. They are just nucence. never effectred my yeilds.
    So I just let em live. I heard soapy water will kill em.
  4. Wouldn't there be small flies if they were gnats?
  5. I'm already in flowering stage 3 weeks in, will this affects my buds? I'm a newbie, I was sailing smooth waters until today.
  6. If I am correct of the fruit gnat pest. Little bug fly around the top soil and humid undergrowth. Only annoyece .no yeild effect. I skimed the photos only. And never heard of soil mites. I don't even know is spider mites are eracneds. However it's spelt.

    Fungus gnats may be cause by overwatering.
  7. From close up they look a bit like spider mites, but fatter I want to say lol.. I'm no expert... (I looked online lol) They are for sure not flying around and there is now webs. I have no idea what they are. Any Idea what the white stuff is?
  8. The white on the pots is salt from nutes. I recommend scrapping it off so they breath better. Dont over feed! Not saying you are but salt building up on pots shows you are feeding aggressively or soil is hot or it could be high minerals in water. The bugs are hard to see almost look like a aphid. Diatomaceous earth sprinkled liberally over top of soil acts as tinny razor blades to soft bodied critters and works well when dry. Does your top inch or two dry out regularly? It should. ..over watering is a very very common problem especially among beginners and can lead to fungus Nats. They will not slow your growth if plants are healthy. They however like there names imply will spread fungus diseases from plant to plant if it's present. If the plant starts drooping a lot when its hot then perk up when cold they could be root maggots, never heard of soil mites. But there is a product called gnatrol ive used to kill root maggots works on gnats to but usually not needed. Also could use hydrogen peroxide. I get a 30% solution from hydro store ( house hold is 3%) and its like acid. Its could kill your plants root system if you don't do it right so I probably wouldn't recommend for you right away. But like three or four drops a gallon is all that's needed.
    So in short, clean sides of pot I use high pressure hose (200 gal smart), or just scrub them then let top soil dry in between water. If that means putting a fan on the soil then do it. :) welcome to gardening its a little more than just growing :)

    no im not drunk!
  9. the neem i think you can use up to two weeks before harvest, azamax i have no idea on when you gotta stop using it. if you got webs you probably have spider mites. neem will kill em on the plant but i don't know about the soil. All i've used succesfully in soil is gnatrol on fungus gnats but the guy at the hydro store told me azamax is where it's at for the pest control.
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  10. Unlikely to see mites without at least 30x magnify
  11. I think Someone in another thread said that if you put an inch or two layer of perlite over the top of your soil , the bugs will go away within a couple days. Can't remember what type of bug they were talking about though..

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  12. I tried this last run when i got fungus gnats, it didn't work.
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  13. Good to know!

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  14. Springtails .. you need to let it dry out and wipe the mold offf of your pot. Yellow stickie traps can help

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  15. those don't look like springtails to me, aren't springtails beneficial though?
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  16. I'm going to my hydroponic store and see what they have. I'm thinking i'm going to give azamax a try. Thanks everyone for the help so far. I scraped down the sides and didn't water today. I think I am overwatering I'm doing it everyday at the moment.
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  17. Yes they were but if he it talking about gnats then yellow stickies should be used . Springtail jump on top of the soil they are white and can be seen when paying close attention.

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  18. oh yeah yellow stickies and i can verify gnatrol works really well, they disappeared practically over night, the fungus gnats.
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