Help! So confused. PPM math not adding up. What am i missing!!??

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  1. Hey all. (Again)

    I've posted before about nutrient problems.. I keep getting leaves turning yellow and falling off. My whole plant is starting to turn light yellow. And Im starting to think its because shes being starved.

    I had been feeding her biothrive bloom (2-4-4) as per the instructions. PHd water to 6.2, and added 2 teaspoons per gallon. Thats when the yellowing started, about a week later into flower. Im thinkin too much nitrogen and PH lockout. (Forgot to flush when i flipped them) check soil: ph is almost 9. So, i flushed, used drip clean, got it fixed. We're back to about 6.5.

    Anyways, yellowing keeps going. Leaf claw keeps going. So, im thinking too much N, not enough everything else. So, i switch to this H.O.G. bloom stuff, its 0-5.5-4.5. Way less N. I also pick up some cal mag.

    So, i mix up a batch. Tap water, 35ppm from the tap. Ph, 7. So, i add cal mag, as per label: 1 ml per liter. Add bloom ferts, as per label: 3.5 ml per liter. Add drip clean, as per liter. It says i should be giving her 1100ppm. It tests out at 500 ppm. PH comes out at 5.4. So, i add a little sodium bicarbonate. Ph is at 6.2. Perfect. But the PPM is at around 550 now.

    So, how is it that when adding nutes to water in the amounts specified, its not adding up to the ppm it says should be there? 3.5 ml per liter, or, 14 ml per gallon x 3 gallon, (12 liters) and the ppm is 500 ppm.(and thats WITH cal-mag!) At such a low ppm, im worried that shes starving, and thats why the buds are under developed and the leaves are turning yellow and falling off.

    I dont get it. Help, please? One of my ladies has almost NO fan leaves left on one of the colas, with a month to go still.


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  2. The buds and the other leaves look fine man... is this just happening around the bottom? Cause I have seen this a lot when looking at other pictures - deff not starving them.. don't worry so much about the PPM of you are adding what is instructed, then it's no problems.

    Btw I have NEVER added the amount it says. If it's says 2.5 mill per litre I add 1.8 - 2mlll..

    I'm not a soil grower (yet) so take this as a grain of salt, but your buds are looking great and I have seen this heaps! Someone will give you proper advice, but just my thoughts on a boring 3 hour train ride. GL
  3. Its not at the bottom, but more the high and low middle. Some leaves are deformed and yellow, some are just yellow, and a lot of them are faded. And even more are clawed. I just stress that for day 36, the bods look a little bit small and not very dense. So. I stress about them getting enough to eat.

    The attached pic is from a couple days ago. Maybe im being overly paranoid, but.. I'm just going insane over the ppm thing. I just dont get why the numbers arent adding up when im maxing everything in proper amounts. I dont really get the ppm thing anyways, to be honest. Lol

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  4. Hmm I'm not sure man, tbh I don't follow PPM I go by the EC.. which is probably contradicted because if you have the right level of EC then that will
    Amount to the same PPM lol.. let someone else help you bro haha good luck man

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