Help! slow growing plants/nute burns?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by MountyBounty, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Hi this is my 3rd grow and I've never had any problems during veg until i decided to test free seeds from attitude seed bank co that came along with my lowryder. I am refering to the G-13 labs fem. pure gold and g-13 labs Power skunk. I am running an hps 250w with 2 troublesome plants growing in Fox Farm ocean soil mix and starting on the second week I began to use fox farm grow big. I have the plants about 18 inches away from the light and they are on their third week and only about 4 inches tall:mad:.

    Any ideas what the problem is :confused:

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  2. 250w HPS 18" from plants, I'd consider 12"-14", but your 3rd grow you should know your limits, heat to light?,

    if not that, what is the soil, I've recently had a similer problem with reusing 'poor' soil

    all the best
  3. Thanks for the response V, I'm using fox farm Ocean forest potting soil mixed with vermiculite. The vermiculate accounts for about 30% of my mixture. As for this being my 3rd grow it is my first with the hps 250w. My last two grows were outdoors but i always started my kids indoors under a fluorescent and they would shoot up. I am keeping the temperature 75-80 degrees while the hps is running and about 70 degrees during the "night". lol ahh this is driving me nuts and I would just like to know whats going on before I germinate my blue ryder seeds.
  4. Also I started them out in "beer" pong cups for the first two weeks and when I transplanted them the g-13 labs pure gold (Indica dominant) had a stong root system while the power skunk (sativa dominant) had a small root system. I've tried mixing in a small doses of hydrogen peroxide into my water but nothing seems to help. :confused:
  5. I would suggest moving the lights closer to your plants. As long as you are using a fan and the air is circulating somehow, you can have the lights almost touching your plants without a problem (its all about temperature.) If the bulb is too hot for your hand, your babies probably will not like it either. Height is not always the best either, and they especially wont get too till since you are growing lowriders. Go for thick veg and thick stem instead of a skinny, yet tall plant.
  6. My technique for years has been
    seed to veg in medium potting mix under CFL's(florescents)
    then to maturity under 600w HPS

    with fert, added 1x per month

    for years I grew 100% under floros and do prefer it, no heat no exhaust
    no giant power bills, but no giant stone either lol.

    I suggest before your next grow flush those plants well, let them recover
    when time comes to plant those other seeds use an average potting mix
    with 30% Vercil.
    This 'M' is a very stong plant can grow anywhere, but like us
    to little or too much can cause it harm, in time it will speak to you..!
    hang in there

  7. You have plenty of light power with the 250. I'm seeing a bit of nute burn on the edges of the plant leaves. Your temps are about 5 degrees difference between night and day, so that can have a lot of effect on how little stretch you're getting. Light height shouldn't be a problem, but using Grow Big this early in the game may be a little more than what these little guys can handle. Cut back on the hydrogen peroxide use, too.....let the roots find their natural progression.'s a weed, so giving it too many things early in the process can be counterproductive to what you're going for.

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