help! signs of deficiencies, but what kind?! (PICS)

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    hey all,
    we've started seeing some signs of deficiencies in a few of our plants. there are some photos below any, any help in identifying whats wrong would be appreciated.

    the plants are five weeks into an organic grow, still vegging. they have been fed once about five days ago with a 0.8 EC feed of plagron alga-grow. Ph has been between 6.5-7 so far, depending on which plant. using one MH and one HPS lamp simeltaneously.


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  2. yo... is there any help out there...?
  3. please help?! 3 good quality pics and a good description of my setup and no body can offer the slightest bit of help? yet a newb who goes to no effort to upload pics/do research, or offer a proper description can get multiple responses within a day!...

    not moaning... but seriously! well thanks in advance for any help.

  4. hmm well the reason people probably aint replying is coz there is loads of info out there on deficiencies for you to look at, i rekon uve got a few difrent deficiencies first pic looks like potassium second pic looks like nitrogen n third looks like calcium to me. are all these in the same batch ive never seen such a varied range of deficiencies if everything is the same for all plants it's usually all the same deficiency
  5. To me they all look like overfert. What soil are you using? I used FFOF and it burt my plants with no nutes added at all. I would recommend a good flush but thats just me. Also check your run off ph.
  6. What are the temps like in your grow room?
  7. Meriovingi iam aware there is a world full of information out there, and i can assure you that posting here was not been my first course of action. however, not knowing many growers personally, i would want a second opinion on whats wrong before taking measures to correct a deficiency. and i have after all posted in sick plant and problems forum - kind of the forum for getting extra help with ones sick plants. yes, they are all the same variety - Big Bud x Northern lights - and hvae all been kept under the same conditions, so i agree it would be surprising for them all to show different deficiencies.

    be4itbegan - i am using new horizon peat free organic soil. however i would be surprised if this was whats wrong as the issue only began to manifest after over a month of healthy growing. i suspect if any thing i left it too long before introducing ferts.

    infiniteuse, have been having to use an a/c, which has been keeping the temp at about 24-26 C, during the day. not sure about the evening temp, but several degrees lower i would imagine. could this be having a detrimental effect?

    well thanks for all the feedback everyone, will take note!
  8. Fair enough, it would have been good to see your opinion of the problem with the post is all then people may be able to see what your looking at, ive taken pictures of plants a milion times and i know that nothing is good as your own view of them anyway what level of nutrients are you giving them whats the n-p-k and how many ml to 10L are you giving and how often? i still think, surprising as if may be that those pictures look like 3 different deficiencies the temps you have got are pretty much spot on so i doubt its that and only the first pic looks like nute burn but it looks alot more like K deficiency
  9. the other poster was sort of on the right track of pointing you towards other online resources:

    check these for starters:

    Cannabis Nutrient Disorders

    Marijuana Plant Abuse

    The Complete guide to Sick Plants,pH, and Pest troubles! - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums

    definitely flush them with 3x amount of water to every gallon your container pot is (im assuming you're doing soil pots), or pick up some Clearex. You could also look at doing foliar feed to immediately address nutrient deficiencies.

    get some N-P-K tester, see how your nute solutions are fairing out. Are you checking PH? are you checking PPM?

    you're in veg right?
  10. oh just saw some more stuff on your post -

    a) lower your PH a few notches , maybe down to 6.3

    b) why the mixture of MH and HPS in grow? MH is proven to do better in spectrum for growth stage

    c) i didnt catch what kind of nutes you are using?
  11. Calcium and Nirotrogen, check PH
  12. nutrient lock out because of too high ph try get it to 5.8 shoulda jus said that before
  13. yo thanks for all the advice. have started bringing the ph down with lemon juice. couldnt find relibable info on what quantities of juice to mix with water so have been doing it quite slowly over a few days with 1ml of juice per liter. this appears to make a very weak solution, which didnt have a very noticeable impact on ph, so in the future will use 2-3ml per liter. at least i know now! - can always add more juice but cant take out too much.

    also gave the still ill looking plants a foliar feed (thanks for suggesting that kapshure). i used the same concentration of fert as i use for watering the roots - 1ml per liter. im using plagron alga grow npk 4-6-8. they've only had one fert feed previously, when they got about 1/3 liter each. 1ml/liter gives an ec of 0.8.

    the sick leaves manifested only in the largest plants. this, combined with the fact that they have only had one very mild feed previously completely rules out the possibility of over fert-ing for me.

    was vegging them but have just switched them over to 12/12. i was using one MH and one HPS because i only had one MH bulb. however both switched to HPS now. however, that said when i introduced the HPS to supplement the MH i observed a noticeable increasre in the generl healthiness of the plants - stirdier and bushier. one of each covers more of the spectrum which provides a more realistic imitation of sun light - which surely should be a good thing?

    well lets see how the foliar feed does em. the sick leaves seemed to have stopped spreading, so somethings starting to work. going to keep bring the ph down with each watering till its clearly below 6.5 at least.

    thanks again.

    p.s. the browing in the first picture never really became a problem, so just treating the plants with the leaves in the second and third pic. illness started with bottem leaves, so suggests an immoblie nutrient problem - nitrogen?
  14. It's not goin to be nute lockout due to ph in a soil grow when you've has it at 6.5-7.0

    that's where it's suppose to be. Maybe it's nute lockout due to nute salt build up, and thY falls into the same catagory of flushing your plants

    I'm not familiar with the nutes you're using, but it's key to use good mutes that have all the secondary and micro nutes needed by your plants. It's pretty common in soil grows for beginners that in soil after the nutes in your soil are gone, often times problems arise after that with feeding using your own nutes.

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