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  1. Hey guys

    New grower here and i got this clone from a friend. We just transplanted it into soil bout a month ago. The soil was miricale grow as i didnt have anything else. At first it was a vibrant and flush green now the lower sun leaves are getting stripes of yellow and brown spots. I just gave them a veg base nutes 2 days ago because i thought it was the Nitrogen. I dont know the PH level but i use tap water. It usually stay under a 400w HPS light about 1 1/2' away. The new growth is always perfect and green but it seems the lower parts and the big leaves are striping and dieing.

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  2. what kind of miracle grow soil? did it have alot of nutes already added in? because they look somewhat burnt. and the leaves are saying "take my strong hand" because the pH is off (sorry dont mean to be a dick, that was just the best explanation i could think of. im high! :bongin: ). they look like they need a little bit of magnesium, too.
  3. So should i flush them with fresh water often or wait till they dry then give it to them?
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    Your pH is def too high.

    Your plant is locked out and over fed. You need to buy distilled water and flush your soil with 3x more water than it needs. Or else this plant will just get worse.

    that's my noob advice
  5. Thanks for the posts guys, i decided to try continueing the nutes as i figured they where prolly not getting enough cuz i just started giving it to them, and their leaves color looked like a Mg issue. Its beed about 4 -5 days now and they look BEAUTIFUL, new growth was HUGE and the yellow stripes have greatly reduced. If yer plant is sick check the charts with pictures online they really did help.

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