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    SO I purchased these clones that were on sale at a dispensary (obviously a dumb move). They were 8 inches tall, very stretched out, and stems were woody. transplanted from 2 inch pots to 1/2 gallon pots. Coco Coir using botanicare line. All the discoloration is on the biggest fan leaves. When i pluck them it moves to the next biggest sets. Ive included a pic which is low quality but hopefully is enough to point out the issue. leaves are bleaching with necrotic spots. very fast moving. It appears to me to be root rot but I could be wrong. Root ball doesnt smell nor do i spot any browning or rotted roots, but they are stringy. they are currently under a 600 watt lush LED in veg mode(so 200-300 watts) 2-3 feet above plants. temp is a stable 78 under 18 hours of light a day.Any thoughts on what this could be if not root rot or any advice on solving? I gave them a dose of advanced nutrients revive with no noticable results. Thinking H2O2 is my next move.
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