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  1. can someone give me some info on shrooms, like what exactly do they do to you, how long does it stay in ur system, can you be tested?? i know they are poison and make ur brain bleed, but how safe is it?? should i just stick to the herb? any info would be sweet...
  2. Go here and check out erowid...

    (You should really stay away from anything that makes your brain bleed.)

    The brain is extremely sensitive to bleeding and damage occurs rapidly. Shrooms don't make your brain hemorrhage. At least, it didn't mine. :)
  3. Well im doing shrooms for the first time tomorrow so im kinda woried but im going to do them. And i wanna see shit!
  4. Don't eat them, or any hallucinogen unless your completely confident. in other words, don't eat them if you're worried.
  5. Well im still gonna eat em sense ive been wanting to try them for a while but im not Worried like scared fingernail bitting but just kinda not sure on whats going to happen where to do them how many to take stuff like that im probly just going to eat 1 cap and chill in my room...only after ive removed any Knifes sharp edges and my 8-12 inch knife my dad got me...hunting lol thats gotta go cant be trippin and have that around.
  6. Jesus christ. If you are eating 1 cap you won't even trip at all.
    I wouldn't worry about knives and shit at all unless I was taking a high dose (such as over 1/4), and even then I wouldn't worry about it cause it's not an issue.
    With the dose you are taking there's no possible way that you would even approach a point where you would have to worry about losing touch with reality that much.
    I think you are being way too cautious about this, you will realize that after you trip. Take a full 8th and have somebody around if you are worried. All you need to worry about is having a good attitude about tripping and not expecting anything out of your trip and you will be fine.
    Oh and I'm pretty sure that shrooms don't make your brain bleed, that sounds like some sort of myth.
    They aren't posion either...well they are kind of neurotoxin but a lot of shit is. Honestly they make your brain work better after you take them.
  7. never even take a 1/4 to much toxicity w/ some strains. take max 5 grams
  8. Well ok then ill eat 1 then wait a bit then eat another if still nothing ill eat my last one getting 6 for 10 bucks. My friend is getting the other 3

  9. make your brain bleed? LMAO RESEARCH YOUR SHIT before you make outrageous claims please. thanks.
  10. oh yea guys.

    it makes your brain bleed, and HOW!! by making your spine twist and push up into your brain. not only that, but the shrooms stick to your spine and NEVER go away!!

    hahahha, my buds told me that in high school. i just sat there, looked at them, and said "what the fuck are you talking about man?"
  11. getin an O of 3rd stage shroom and only using half an 8th and gonna see how it is. and how much would someone pay for that much just to see if im getting ripped off.
  12. gram should be 5, and ounce is usually 80.

    thats canadian though... though it should be much differant anywhere else, i mean they grow on the ground all over the place.
  13. yeah the only problem is that here in ohio it's hard as hell to get hold of actual shrooms, let alone third stage. alot around here are home grown not natural like the ones im getting.

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