Help! Should I trim dried up leaves on my wilting clone?

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  1. Hello city,

    This is my first grow and I recently got two clones from a dispensary( Skywalker and LSD). The LSD is smaller and doing great. The Skywalker on the other hand which had a massive amount of roots did not do so good the first night. I guess I put them a little too close to my 150 watt HPS because the next morning the rockwool was completely dried out and the Skywalker was drooping. I have a bubbleponics/DWC setup so I decided to put the clones with rockwool in the hydroton to keep it from drying up.

    Did the heat do this? or was it the transplant and change of environment?

    I really want to save this clone and wanted to know what you guys think I should do.

    Thanks for your time and ANYTHING is appreciated. :)
  2. it was the heat and intense light for sure, along with the stress from being transplanted. raise the light and water them, make sure temps are not to high in your grow room, maybe mist the leaves if the edges look crispy.
  3. Before and after

    Lights are now raised and I have misted them with water and Rhizotonic. :D

    Is there anything I can do about the crunchy leaves? :(

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    You can trim off the dead dry portion of the leaf with scissors. Hopefully your plant will bounce back if it recovers and begins to grow you can slowly lower the light back down a little bit each day to allow you plant time to adjust to the more intense light.

    You could also consider putting it back in the high humidity cloning environment until it recovers.
  5. Whoa man...I would say you about cooked your plant.....

    I don't suggest lowering the light AT ALL. Keep it at 9" from the top AT Least. Until the plant recovers....if it recovers. This plant is in severe condition. Hopefully it comes back to life. I send all my green thumb karma your way.
  6. plant looks much better in that after pic

  7. When I cut the leaves what happens if the whole thing just crumbles?! haha
    Is there anyway I can just get rid of the whole leaf? or should I just let it be and die on its own?

    Thanks for all the help! :D
  8. Just let it be.

  9. :eek:"severe condition"! I'll need all the green thumb karma I can get ;)

    The light is much much much further away now and it looks like the top has some new growth. It's just those two big dried up fan leaves that are killing me..
    Any suggestions on the crunchy fan leaf problem?

    Thanks for all the help! :D

  10. :laughing: If only that were true. :laughing:
  11. Alright I'll leave the crunchy leaves alone.

  12. You need advice on the crunchy leaves you have currently?


    Are your leaves still turning crunchy at the moment?

  13. Currently***
    There aren't any new leaves becoming crunchy. It's just the two big fan leaves that have already been crunchy.

    I'm taking your advise and won't trim them but I noticed that they are weighing it down so I got some wire to gently hold the clone straight up.. Will that be okay? or should I just let her droop?
  14. well there is nothing you can do about the crunchy leaves currently, they won't recover.

    The most you can do is take care of the plant and hope you do better on the new growth.

    It's good you supported her, Until she fully recovers from the stress she will need as much support as she can get. If the leaves are holding her down that badly, you can just cut them off. But I usually just treat the plant with respect and let it take care of itself for the most part. Being over zealous and caring sometimes causes plant death. Just let it recover naturally.
  15. Alright I'll let mother nature do her thing.

    GC is so helpful I don't know what I'd do without you guys! X]
  16. You'd still grow MJ just at a slower learning rate :)
  17. did they recover

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