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  1. Hi all as you can see from the pics, my ladies are kind of jammed and out of room. Because of how thick and large it has gotten, very little light gets past the top couple feet.
    I'm wondering if I should remove some of the branches to help light get through to more or should I just let it go as is? I'm not worried about the size of the buds just the total from the plant. I did a little LST to it several weeks ago but there's not really room to pull anything to the side and with the cover crop in place I'm very limited. It is jsut starting to flower so I'm sure it's gonna get a lot bigger, passing 7ft now.

    On a similar topic, what is the latest dates that others top their plants outside? I wanted to top this a month ago but since it was already sooo wide I didn't think there would be room, well there's not room anyway but now it's too late to top.

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  2. lst those other plants OUT OF THE WAY ASAP they are blocking alot of light from reaching to your plant wich is important.. unless you want popcorn buds most of the way down the plant where its not getting light.... it would have been better to put the plants alll side by side
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    Haha your wack.

    That's awesome plant and looks like it gets plenty of sun. Also that's a perfect hiding spot
  4. na i dont think so bud.... maybe it looooks like its getting enough sun but come flower maybe it want be... how am i wack by sayn move the plants to the side a little bit to allow more light to reach the plant.. thats not wack at all thats allowing more light to reach the plant your wack
  5. what a perfect plant to lollipop!
  6. OK, what's lollipop? Is that a method for trimming/shaping a plant?

    I'm torn between having cover for the plant and also room and sun. I never expected it to get that big and the same for the beans on the trellis. Since the pics were taken, I did push some of the beans in the back to the other side of the trellis to give more room for the Lady
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    Just leave it for now. Depending where you are in your grow season. I say that plant will be up over your roof in now time. All those branches will be collas that will find there own spot on top spread out.

    Nothing is going to hide them before you are done. Your beans will also die off before the plant is done. Something to think about.

    Also in your case I would leave them be for now. When your buds come you will notice small sucker branches inside the plant. I would thin them out. But for now just leave it. You never know what any branch is going to do during stretch time. After the stretch then make your decision for you know what they plant is going to do. Expect over 10 feet depending on the strain.

    Also do you need stealth? Is it even possible to pull the cover plants? Can you tie that larger plant in front over and out of the way. This not killing it? If you need to hide them then cool. Your plant is doing fine with them there. Just saying it would help lots.

    I would also think about netting it up soon friend.
  8. Ok, I'll bite. What you mean by netting?

    This is a Vanilla Kush mother that I took a bunch of clones off before everything went outside. The catalog said "medium height", yeah right. It's gotten wayyyyy bigger then I ever thought. It is already above the cover crops, I have two in there the smaller one is not in the pics and it's the perfect size for where they are. It's only 4ft or so and very well hidden back in there. Plus i had room to pull it over to the side, but the big one is just tooooooo big and there's no room to pull it over much more.

    I'm in a pretty safe location but would prefer to keep the plants as hidden as possible. I was just wondering if the yeild would increase if I cut out a lot of the plant or if i should just let it run wild and see what happens.
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    Run wild until colas start to form. Then thin out he sucker branches.

    Trillis netting is jusy a garden net. The first wind stom that come will snap branches right off your plant. when they get big like that with buds. They cannot handle the weight. So I would net them up ASAP. Nothing tight, just so they cannot fall over and snap.

    I would not kill bush in front of your big plant. I would just tie that bush over out of the way for now. Get all the sun you can on the bottom of that plant. If that busg was gone your whole plant would be lot bigger on the bottom. The bottom would look like the top. Next Year huh?
  10. Why dont you cut back those other plants rather than the mary jane? I know they are cover but unless someone is looking for it the green will just blend in... ID cut down some of that grass looking stuff.

  11. My big girl is still vegging pretty good, although showing some pistols-very very early preflowering. Can I still "Lollipop" the plant? The bottom foliage is so small, I figured I probably could?

  12. I'll back you up homie. Lst. More light will penetrate farther down and you get thicker buds it's really simple. That plant can be almost half it's size now and get better light penetration.

    If you do it the lst way you will get bud sites galore.
  13. I would remove some of the lower branches that aren't exposed to direct sunlight, they will probably just rob the plant of energy and not develop really dense nugs anyway. Lollipopping is when you trim everything off the plant except the bud and sticky leaves at the top -- leaving a long stem and bud on the end, hence a lollipop. but since u don't have flowers yet thats not really the appropriate term i don't think.

    you are way past topping, the plant appears to be really bushed out as it is, and IF you could even find the main stem, topping it wouldn't really do too much. with as many branches as it has, LST'ing might be more difficutly than its worth too. I would just trim off some of the undergrowth (following the main stem up from the bottom, if it splits into a "Y", remove all the branches below that point) and let the thing grow. anything you can do to get those other veggie plants out of the way of blocking direct sunlight would help as well.
  14. Well, I've cut out some of the asparagus, trimmed the beans back and did some LST. This thing would be a MONSTER if it had the room but I've done the best i can.
    I wanted to keep as much cover as possible, it's not completely hidden back there but it will have to do for this season.
    First shot is from the back door of garage, others are from the woods side of yard.
    It is covered with buds, not the biggest but more than enough to last till next years grow

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  15. looks great, cant wait to see it start to bloom. being it near the end of summer, im curious.... how long are your cover plants good for before they're harvested

  16. Very well said. Also the tall thin branches that are against the house.

    Fast question though. Do you think your stretch is over yet? If not you may want to hold off on the thinning. See what happens then thin.
  17. The asparagus was harvested in the spring so it will stay till frost, the beans I have been picking all along they may start to die back a little but I expect them to last till frost.
  18. Ok, so the plant survived Irene. Can't say the same for my clones that were taken off this plant. Lost several branches and the plants were knocked over.

    Anyway, so I went out with clippers this afternoon to do some trimming of the undergrowth. I just couldn't do it, it was soooo hard to cut out small branches that had buds on them.

    I'm going to go out and try again but i need to know what i"m trying to achieve: Is it number 1 or 2?
    1. Remove enough lower branches so that other lower branches start getting more light?
    2. Remove all lower branches that receive no light so the upper branches that are getting light don't send their energy supplies down to the lower branches that aren't getting light?

    Also is there any use in keeping the trimmings and storm losses for qwiso?
  19. Dont trim. Light passes thru leaves. You should be fine

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