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  1. O.k. I know there's a sticky for beginners, but I'm having difficulty. If these lw#2 are autoflowering, when would I sex them? Am i supposed to sex during veg or flowering, or at any time? Sorry for the question, but I don't want to start over. replies are appreciated.
  2. they will sex by themselves, hince the name auto-flowering
  3. how would I sex an autoflowering to produce seed? that's what I'm enterested in at this time, so the I could create my own strain with some skunkXhaze and some doubleXgum. I wnt te seeds from the lowrider#2 so i can work on it as long as it takes to get the correct auto flower traits.
  4. 'Sup newbie :wave:., dedicated to lowryder and lowryder crosses. Lately its been up and down so u might have a hard time accessing it. well good luck on your adventure and keep us posted on how you are doing. peace, e :bongin:
  5. :yay:thanks eyeslikedonuts, I will be sure to study the site.

    Well an update for now, I am recieving my 400 hps digital electric ballast mid wk next wk. I went digital because I won't have to spend extra dollas for thse convertable bulbs at local stores. I have two lw2's hydro to go vs. 2 cocopeat/perlite to determine what method is best for me. 3 look male and one almost looks female (fingers crssd). Also 6 more going into soil theh next few days. each have there own cfl 3xred spectrum 1xbrightwhite. Closet space is perfect for mini S.O.G. so I'm working on the following...
    I also have 1 of the following germinating= skunk#1 X haze Double gum and G13 Armegeddon (hook up). I want to see if I can get either one female of those or atleast one female LW#2 and cross pollenate for seeds. Then try to perfect it with another cross once I go S.O.G. wit the sXh or Double gum. :ey:
  6. Where is this "Lowryder" strain from? I would assume mexico from the name. You guys growing shwag?
  7. Lowryder #2 is the result of many years of selective breeding by the famed Joint Doctor. It claims a heritage of Williams Wonder and Northern Lights #2 with the addition of Brazils Santa Maria for autoflowering traits.
  8. Thanks for clarifying!
  9. yeah, that link seems to be down. thanks though. I guess i could continue to look for my info elsewhere. I'll keep looking bck for the link.

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