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  1. I decided to start breeding my own strain for the reason that i want to create the perfect strain for my personal liking and the fact that i cant order seed right now. i will be useing bag seed since its my only option right now.this is my goal for now i want to get my fav type of high/taste, that has great bag apeal (completely frosted with purple color) and also decent yield after i have the previouse down. I know that its gonna take a long time but anything woth while usually does. Right know i have a p1male and female with an amazing high/taste and an abundance of tricomes and am looking for a purple plant to cross one with. right know im gonna base my search on purple color since it will probly take a long time to find. anyway im trying to see if there is any way that i can guess wich plants might have purple traits before it flowers due to space limitations and the fact that i really dont have any way to drop temps. for example do purple strains have certain traits etc. that lots of purple plants have in order increase my chances of finding one. if not is there any way increase my chances beside useing indica doms? another example- i was thinking of useing purple maxx to see wich ones are the most purple. i have heard it only turns purple plants more purple(wich would be good for me) but they also say1/3 of the plants turn purple and i know for sure 1/3 of marijuana plant dont normally do that. sorry for the going on n on just didnt want people rant about useing bagseed or selecting for purple before somethin else. I would really apriciate any help u guys have. thanks in advance!!!!
  2. Drop temps into the 50s and look on the underside of your leaves. After a couplecdays some will startvto show purple.
  3. thanks for the advice i thought that was for flowering plants on? also from what i have seen droping temps will turn normally green plants some what purple also so how would i find the ones that actually have it in there genetics. maby just pick the ones that have the most purple? can anyone else help me out with this? i know a lot of people think its dumb to want purple buds but its not on the top of my list either but it makes growing somewhat more enjoyable to see som color and makes it harder forpeople to find out in the guerilla patch so if yo can help please do
  4. I had some herijuana male I took out of there pots and threw outside on there side in some bushes for death. Came back a week later and saw it was still alive and growing on its side but turned a nice shade of purple. The temps were real low and im sure it was stressed as hell on its side out of a pot. I used it to cross with a cotton candy purple clone I got from a local clinic. Cut the buds before the seeds were mature :(

    Heres a pic just stress the shit out with cool temps
  5. wow thats one of the nicest purple male plants hopfully i can find somthin like that.
  6. Thanks this was before the plant even started dropping pollen. The male plant im using now I grew out the rest of the seeds and had females that had purple and pink polka dot phenos. Hopeing its one of those after I collect pollen I will put it outside since its cold out where im at to see what color it changes if any. I will post some pics of it in my journal.
  7. definately gonna halfto check that out man thank god that plan had the vigor to stay alive like that lol
  8. I just pollinated my afghani bull rider and nl#5 and put the male plant outside where is about 37 degrees for it should show if it has color in the next week or two
  9. Based on my experience, it's best to select for one main trait, until you can breed that relatively reliably, then introduce the secondary trait.  There's no easy or quick way to do this, and no guarantee that one of the traits you're after won't be suppressed by the complexity of other genes in the mix.   Genetics is a complicated beast, especially on plants that aren't well studied/documented which also have SO many different traits available.
    Good luck!

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