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  1. Hi, one of my seedlings has very stunted growth, yellowing cotyledons, and now it looks as if the first true leaves are turning brown. The seedling May have been slightly over watered however the symptoms are progressively getting worse as the soil is drying out. The medium is Pro Mix HP. I am aware of the absence of nutrients in this medium however in my experience it has not affected plants until the second set of true leaves start to develop/end of first week. I try to give all of my plants even care, the others are kicking ass. Lighting is a simple 60W CFL, just over this singular plant 2” away. Also the strain is Sundae Stallion by Green point I have two others of this strain doing dandy.
  2. For some reason I cannot upload photos :/

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    Try to find a way to upload some pics in natural light. Can't truly diagnose a plant without them.
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