Help!! Seedling not growing!!!

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  1. Hi! This is my first time growing and I've already had one plant die due to my cat.. but I started again and everything appeared to be going well. When she sprouted the seed was still attached for a couple days but fell off. However she didn't open up. So I switched out the light thinking that may be the issue and watered her more. Her leaves were there but had turned black at the edges. I thought maybe not enough water. I water her about twice a day and have added some nutrients. I put in a new light a couple days ago and have a small fan blowing to regulate the temperature. It's been about 2 weeks since she popped up and With my other plant by now the leaves were big and in plenty. Only one of her leaves has grown but is very small. She is green and standing tall but no change. I'm worried this might be a fail as well... is there anything I should be doing differently??? Please help me!!

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  2. biggest problems with new growers is overwatering. Secondly, you don't give seedlings nutrients for the 2 weeks unless you are in a inert medium. And at 2 weeks you start them off slowly. Stop watering every day, allow the pot to become light before watering again. The plant will revive if you follow this simple instruction. What type of light are you using? What type of soil?

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  3. Start over again, you'll waste too much time and resources trying to bring her back to life. Also do some more research on seedling care. Seedlings don't need fertilizer especially in soil grows. The soil will provide all she needs for weeks of growth. And you don't need to water 2 times a day. You give it a good watering once, and leave it until it completely dries out which is usually 3-5 days depending on the temperature, air circulation and light intensity.
  4. He knows, start researching my friend
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