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  1. Hi all, 1st post and 1st time growing have planted 5 blue cheese in rapid rooters and was watering then just as they needed 4 of them seem to be doing well but 1 was all wilted and droopy yesterday morn think it had dried out too much,
    after watering it, it had seemed to perk up a bit but now the leaves are all curling in just wondering if I should just scrap it or is there much chance of it recovering or even if there is something else to do to help it?

    The bad 1 was the 1st sprouted on the 1st October the rest came up 2 days later I know they are all a bit stretched. Currently under a fluro tube about 2cms away temp about 28-29 and humidity around 60%
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  2. I wouldn't scrap it yet... the new growth looks good.

    Try a fine mist spray bottle, and give it a light amount of foliar spray.
  3. Transplant them into your medium.

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  4. Will be putting them into aqua farms with clay pebbles, I read to wait till they had there 3rd or 4th set of leaves before doing that! that's only reason they haven't been moved,

    do you still think I should get them replanted then?

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  5. Yes. Sound advice to transplant.
  6. Ok great, and thanks for all the advice.

    Also when I transplant them do I bury them a bit deeper In the pebbles because they have stretched? And am I rite in thinking nutes at 1/4 strength or none for a week yet?

    Sorry for all the questions just a newbie to all this gardening stuff lol an don't want to kill them now since I was lucky enough to get all 5 to sprout,

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  7. I think you'll salvage if you transplant like the others said. You always have to keep in mind that this is an extremely resilient plant. It survives under some pretty grueling conditions, and thrives with very little, which is why you can even grow it indoors to begin with.
  8. 12 days since they have been transplanted this is the 1 that I thought was on its way out, so great advice guys, thanks

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  9. Hi all,

    I have a seedling whose first true leaves are shriveling as well but it doesn't have another set like this plant does. I wanted to do hydroponics as well, wondering if maybe mine should be transplanted? Or too soon for that? Any thoughts?

    Here she is today:

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414355692.760366.jpg

    I only have the one seedling, desperately trying to save her. What do you guys think?

    (More info on my setup here: )
  10. Id wait til you see a couple sets of leaves before transplanting, that way when she loses a couple sets of bottom leaves to shock she'll have enough on top to pull through healthily.
  11. Awesome, thanks man. I'm just hoping she makes it that far :(
  12. She may or maybe not but even if she doesnt chalk it up to a learning lesson and dont be so hard on yourself bud :)

    We all learn hard once in a while but its good for you in the long run. You wont easily forget hard earned lessons in my experience. Looks like you burned her up a bit. That miracle grow? Doesnt look to contain much perlite to me.
  13. Appreciate that :)
    The soil is a seed starter, a Burpee self-watering seed starter. One of those expanding tablets of soil. It's just soil, to my knowledge, maybe she needs more air at her roots? Don't know how I'd fix that... The nute burn is because I mixed seedling strength hydro nutes and lightly watered her with it one time. It was 2 days ago, have flushed her soil twice and yet I'm still watching the poor girl suffer. Clueless what to do at this point. More info on that here:
    Thanks again! :D
  14. You sure its not peat? Like a jiffy pellet, expands in water. Those are acidic, i use them with no issues but many have problems with them. Yeah they dont need nutes til theyre 10 times that size usually. Flushing was smart, just see what hapoens now. Youd be surprised what a little knowledge could do. When she dries you might try a kelp/aloe vera tea to help heal and promote new growth.
  15. From what the packaging tells me it's made from "natural coconut fiber". Yeah I learned that lesson the hard way, nutes waaaayyyy too early. I thought it was nutrient deficiency when the leaves turned white in the middle, so I did what I thought I should do. Only info I could find about leaves turning white said nute deficiency so I thought I was doing the right thing. I believe it was actually lack of light making the leaves turn white. Could be wrong though, I'm clearly clueless! Haha. Kelp/Aloe Vera tea sounds promising, I will definitely try that. Thank you for the advice! :D
  16. No problem and its coco not peat :D

    White leaves could be from light burn or lack of light, either/or. Next time you get hung up before you take action just ask here,if no one helps you pm me and ill do my best to make sure you get through it with confidence and that we get that plant to maturity! :smoke:
  17. Coco is better, right? I've heard the worst problems with coco tend to be salt because it hasn't been properly rinsed/soaked before use. I think the white leaves were from too little light, it was in a window that gets ~5hrs of sunlight a day, plus a CFL with 13 true watts (~2700K) and a blue LED light made for indoor plants (2watts, 200 lumens, 2600K) and it was getting those 2 lights for about 12 hrs a day. Plus a heating pad underneath. Now, following suggestions from a user on GrassCity, I've bumped up to 3x CFLs with 20 true watts each, 6500K and 1190 lumens. I've been told to keep them 2-3" away from the seedling and have been told I still do not have enough wattage on my plant. I do hope the plant survives longer, but who knows. I tried germinating 12 bag seeds with 0% success, just waiting on a seed pack from overseas to start over. :( Oh well.

    Thank you so much for all your help!! :D And for offering continued advice, you're the first! Haha, wish everyone else was as generous! :)
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    Kindness cost me nothing but a few minutes of my time, everyone has that to spare!
    The heating pad can help when the soils cold. Its not always needed but helps. Newer heating oads are digital and self shutoff, so good job if youve been dealing with that little pain in the ass haha, cuz i know what thats like!

    You can never have enough light but can give too much! I mean as the plant grows its requires more light, when little a little will do. The red lights 3k and below are not necessary for a seedling. You are wasting money running those at this stage imho. Id wait to add them when you have 5-6 more sets of leaves.

    Coco is the best some would say. Ive never used it, but its on my to do list! For now its hydro, organic soil, and some sponsored grows with bagged soil and teas for me! :smoke:
  19. I don't know how much the heating pad really did for the plant, it was fine with it and just as fine without it. I took it away and have been using it to germinate seeds (but, like I said, 0% success) and YES I have been fighting that damn 2hr auto-shutoff! Very annoying. Haha.
    As far as lighting goes I'm currently only running the 3 CFLs (20 true watts each, 1190 lumens, 6500K) at about 3" away from the plant. If you don't recommend what I have now, (sorry this is an annoying question), what would you recommend instead? I have been so confused on how to light my plant. Seems like everyone is using different bulbs and all the advice I've been given is telling me different things to use and I'm really just stumped on lighting at this point. I thought I finally had it figured out, but maybe not. You said less red light, do you suppose adding my blue LED back in would be a good or bad move? (Blue LED is 2watts, 200 lumens, 2600K) I only ask because the packaging says blue light aids in stem and leaf development, and I could really use more leaf development!

    I thought long and hard about getting coco coir for my hydro setup but ended up settling with clay pellets instead. Maybe that wasn't my best choice! Oh well. :)

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