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    what's going on here? help me please!? what do I do?
    31 days in veg, might be in flower, no pistils yet, seedbank put both the auto and feminized photo period in same container so I have no idea which is which.
    Devil's Harvest breeder, might be Auto Reek'n or Rollex OG Kush. in DWC. 18/6 vegged in MH 400watts then after 3 weeks switched to HPS 400watts. humidty 45-50% at 77 degrees. that spot where it looks like it broke was where the cotyledons were but they fell off and was still yellow with a bit of green. like it was disconnected before the plant used it up. using jungle juice nutes at half strength. I also added that bread-tie for support
  2. really? I do
  3. I took a 12ml syringe and filled it with 3% hydrogen paroxide and emptied it directly to the affected area, I hope this will help and will let the plant recover. this is really bumming me out :(
  4. I don't see a pic either.
  5. There is definitely a picture... you may have to open up the web view to see it but it's there. Doesn't show on the app though at least for me.

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  6. Open up web view in the top right hand and it'll load on the browser. I get the same issue from time to time.

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  7. I also should add, the medium (perlite) was touching that part and it is moist, I have since took a layer of perlite off. I have a eco loud ass hell air pump making the water bubble like crazy, the roots love it and look great and I guess it's still saturating the medium, I might have to lower the water level. its been a day and she's still hanging on and top growth still looks normal but perhaps delayed.
  8. all the fan leaves were drooping today so I took them off, the top part still seems to be alive but I've written off this plant... so depressing...not long enough to take any clones and no idea if she's the photo-period or the auto so I either have to make 1 auto plant last 2 months until the others finish or not, not sure yet... so I'll just wait for her to die, or maybe she's still alive? i dont know... anyway I'll wait a few days before I pull her.. such a shame too, the roots are in great shape and the top growth was amazing.
  9. kill her...she is suffering
  10. Pulling leaves off because they don't look good is a sure way to the start of a ruined plant. They bounce back easily they by no means just die cause their leaves are drooping

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