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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Gleock, May 30, 2013.

  1. I currently have an iolite wispr which had worked very well for me for awhile; until recently it started using an absurd amount of butane. I am currently searching for a new portable, and would like to know what everyone on here would think is the best portable for me. From what I have read in previous threads i believe I would like a convection heated vaporizer in which is discreet enough to fit in my front pocket. I had been looking at the davinci ascent, yet i keep getting emails saying that the production date is being pushed back again and again. Since i am unsure on whether or not this will come out within a reasonable time i had been contemplating on getting another vaporizer.  I have been looking at the Solo and like it due to the all glass vapor path and long battery life but am hesitant. I have heard mixed things about the Pax but i feel like the basic consensus is that its a basic vaporizer dressed up like a mac. Discreetness isnt exactly my top priority but its high up there, my main priority is functionality and durability.
    thank you all for your help  

  2. The Solo is the best when it comes to vapor quality in portable vaporizers. Not to mention, it's quite a bit cheaper than the PAX. It's not as small as, say, an MFLB, but to be honest no one really knows what it is. You can walk around outside and most people just assume it's some sort of drink. If you're really concerned about being seaky, though, you can put it inside a refillable cup.
    I've been using the Solo for a couple months now on a regular basis and it's been a dream. Really can't go wrong with a Solo.

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