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  1. This is my friends plant, he's been growing it for about a month along with 3 others, 2 of the 4 he was growing has already died,and this one is on its way. This is his first grow so we really didn't expect anything out of it but I still feel like we should try to save it. His grow op is in a computer tower case in which he has foil lining it and sum fans& lights hooked up inside, he has been doing everything right wen it comes to keeping track of the amount of light the plants get each day,and feeding them the proper nuitreants. We are puzzled as to how the leaves are turning out the way they are,we are guessing that its a lack of carbon dioxide cuz of how the plants are in a case most of the time,or maybe its the heat from the bulbs, idnt really have all the details cuz like I said before its not my grow but what do u guys think? If u guys need more info to go by then ask and ill get it from my friend all help is greatly appreciated! Thanks fellow blades

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  2. Light proof your container. Roots don't like light.

    Edit- You need a bigger pot too.
  3. Ok thanks ill let my friend know,is that the only problem though?

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