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Help save these plants dying rapidly

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by themountainman, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. Alright, medium-1/2 mg potting1/2 petemoss light is a lizard warming light but 24 hr flourescent and food has been shultz 10 20 10 (I KNOW ITS WRONG FOR VEG) plants hidden in 1 x 2 ft drawer light 12 in from bottom 6 from plant tops small 5 dollar fan that has been shifted possition regularly

    This is somewhat complicated because the seeds are a high quality outdorr
    sativa obtained from an aclaimated grower from the area. this farmer
    recomended starting inside/ force to flower/ transplant to rush the crop
    which is now aprx. 3 weeks old.
    due to limited space half of aprx 50 seeds went from germ in straight water
    to the ground. first time for this messed it up. never tested soil first but
    it seemed hard and dry was iinfested with red ants. only one came up as a
    side question are red ants an indication of infertlle soil? potting mix was
    put on the spot but very lightly and most definately insuffeciently. what
    happened here, just because i want to use location again cuz its packed with
    overgrown crap thorns and bees. however this thread is in regards to the
    other half of the seeds grown indoors.
    problem: leaves first curled down/inwards ramshorn got bright green/yellowish
    and then sagged. within 3 hrs they have withered to the condition shown in
    the picture ( 2 plants progressed and one with the problem just starting)
    catastrophes that may or may not be the cause:
    1) some plants were started under another light that was too hot and had to
    be transplanted. not likely that they are any of these cuz most of them
    2) Early in grow large percentage of plants were lost to quick killing
    fungus? or maybe stem snapping from rough training? the reason i think this
    is different is because these shrivled and died within one day (during first
    week) and showed no crazy leaf curling/ slumping.
    3) since oringinal medium had no drainage whatsover and spidermight/fly
    infestation all plants were transplanted into seperate sun treated soil mix
    contained in newspaper homemade planting pots shown in the picture of my
    healthy plants. Could this thing be simple transplant shock and have no
    relationship to nutrient? i used rooting powder with fungicide for transplant
    and in shaking off excess some plants were contaminated and showed small
    burns but again are not the same plants that are dying now
    4) due to poor mixing i undoubtably have hot spots and ph range is large -
    6-7 but also varies greatly in plants suffering exactly similar syptoms.
    for this reason i have not yet added citrus juices or viniger or anything
    5)some plants are droopy but healthy seems due to over watering and
    unrealated but then again lower leaves falling off. so confused, how could
    they be n deficient if i burned them with food?
    6) plants were sloppy style over fed with shults 10 20 10 so how can they be
    defficient? did the incorrectly high P level screw them up? why only certain
    plants also is it possible they have already outgrown there light?
    It seems ive had 3 different problems. The first massive death (inside) was
    very resembling of fungus and not anything these plants that are
    withering/curling now. the droopy plants with dying bottom oval leaves
    probably is just some deficiency you guys can point out. but i have no
    diagnoses for the death bound plants.
    Since newspaper pot transplant drainage increase infestation greatly
    decreased and the only treatment i have givin to these 3 plants is a quick
    luke warm flush. I know they can be saved the stems are still nice and
    healthy/ strong. also afected plants were near eachother but seems in
    concusive because of seperate containers and dont even have the same ph in their soil. HELP HURRY !plants only have a few more days dont want to bury any more good soldiers also does it sound like i need to adjust ph (bright green 7) or use insecticide? how much water do u flush small plants in this situation with i probably did 1/2 cup est from the sink in each. is my hippy newspaper pots to suseptable to mold? should i move them outside early??

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  2. paper contains ink not good... i suspect by the looks of the plants....from what im seeing looks like either overheating n drying out or its the paper:cool:im sure someone with better knowledge of this problem will help u further:D
  3. so your using cfl's right? if so your light is WAY too far from the plants, cfl's are not too powerfull, so they need to be placed inches away from the plants litereally. if not youre plants will be streched out, which is the case in your situtation, and can no longer support themselves. read the official cfl guide in this forum for more details on how to use cfl's properly.
  4. IMO, you are overthinking your problem. in the very begining, you said that you have a lizard heat lamp in there!?!?!? heat lamps do NOT grow marijuana plants, all they do is increase the heat to suicidal heights. my diagnosis for this grow is that your liz lamp is creating far too much heat, and your one floro is not producing enough light AT ALL for three plants... unless you are using a 200w floro, which i have never seen. so ya, theres my 2 cents.
  5. all in ur parents house n shit too? damn ur sets broke. lizard lamp.lawlz :hello:
  6. I think those are beyond saving.... imho
  7. :hello:
  8. wow ..it was a good learning experience but man, almost everything was done wrong.
    Those seedlings never stood a chance :(

    As bongman said a lizard lamp isn't any good for growing plants, you need to get rid of it and get a few cfls or a nice mh/hps setup.

    Plants need drainage. You probably lost quite a few to "damping off".
    The rest you probably lost to the high temp of the lizard lamp.

    The best advice I can give is to stash away your high quality seeds and start practicing with bag seed until you get it right. Just try growing one or two plants at a time until you get the hang of it.

    GL man!
  9. heat lamp might look bright but it's basicaly a plant oven.

    deffinatly check out some CFL's. four 26watt ones will grow a plant or two nicely and they're nice for stealth which is what it sounds like you need.

    maybe do some more reading and get a plan working for your next grow. search the forums for things such as "CFL" "stealth box" "cabinet" .. find other people done or doing what you're doing.

    GL next time
  10. I agree with Bouncy a few 25W CFLs will do great at the beginning.
    just put them inches to the plants.T5s and higher flou lights can get really hot and may need more distance.
    You lizard/florescent light was probably not giving the right spectrum of light either.
    Get a decent CFL light setup which is build for growing plants.
    Should show what the spectrum is on the back
    example below

    good luck
    ps dont use sticks so early for support.
    use a fan to strengthen the plants and feed them CO2

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