Help save my ladys. Week 6 of flower

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  1. Here some history on the plants, they grew up in for two months were they were topped and fimmed i planted them the second week in july, they soon started flowering some sooner then later.. I started noticing little holes in the leaves and im thinking its spider mites.. since there flowering pretty good what should i do to take care of the pests, i have all ready used a mantis egg and lady bugs but lady bugs took off after two daYS and the mantis i only saw a couple.. I know it might be to late to spray but any advice and help would be great.. oh ya whats that little orange redish bug in one of the pics..

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  2. this orang red bug..

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  3. I think pic 1 post 1 looks like an ant. No idea what the bug in post 2 is. In my area that damage is usually done by earwigs/picherbugs to my basil. I don't see signs of mites because the damage they do looks more like the pic below and then eventually the leaf dries out and crumbles.

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  4. thanks for the advice..
  5. anyone else what are the spider webs all about on the base of the plant..
  6. On the stem will be regular spiders. Spider mites encase the leaves on which they laid their eggs..
  7. get some neem oil and a spray bottle. should take care of everything

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