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    Setup: Ebb & Grow bucket system w/ 55 gallon reservoir
    GH Rapid Rooter plugs in Hydroton
    (1) 1000W MH for veg
    temps were fluctuating between 68-83 but now stable at 73-77
    reservoir temp is a stable 68
    p.h Is between 5.5 - 6.5 ( it wants to steadily rise every day to 6.2 +)
    ppm are at 500ish with Technaflora's BC line following the Recipe for Success

    From the start 1 plant (the most mature) had leaves curling up. I thought it was a heat issue but I stabilized temps and it still progressed and spread to 4 or 5 others. 1 plant is showing sort of 'wet scarring' and deterioration on a leaf. 2 plants are showing spotting that started as a rust color and has turned brown It started on lower growth halted and has just resumed on newer growth. I attributed all of this to nutrient deficiencies and upped my solution to it's current 500 pm and all seemed fine. Now the plants are wilting at night and taking all day to recover if at all. I thought maybe it was over watering so I cut the system off and let them be. No changes for the worse or better. You can track the progression in my journal (link in sig) Thanks in advance.

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    I was using Bamboo stakes to mark the plant. I just removed them and they were very wet (remember they haven't been watered in a day) and above the water line a bit of mold was growing.
  3. rust spots = Mg defficiency.....i believe
  4. Most anytime you see leaves doing that gnarly, retarded rickets-looking thing, it's usually a PH issue. Try and get that PH down to a 5.3-5.5 area with that dripper system. It's a PITA, but that's the deal with hydro....gotta stay in a pretty specific range. :ey:

    The spots usually are an additional bonus gift from the PH fairy.

    Good Luck!!
  5. Thanks Greyhound. Once I resume watering/feeding I will keep the pH more stable
  6. Agreed, classic Ph fluctuation symptoms. I would get it in check ASAP to prevent further demise.....and hey, I happen to looove pancakes!!!
  7. Thanks!! HAHAHA to be honest I'm not much a fan of either pancakes or waffles, but I'm a huge fan of Carlin. It's one of his older bits.

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