HELP! Same age plants one tall and healthy other one super clumpy

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    Both plants are just over 3weeks, the tall plant has less leaves but is streching and looks healthier whereas the the clumpy plant has a lot more leaves but hasnt really grown recently please help. The clumpy plant also broke the soil about 3 days earlier then the tall one. since i am a new grower i just want to know if the small clumpy one is still healthy or if i should make some adjusts to it
    Under a 2000w bestva led light inside a 4x4 grow tent

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  2. What strain?
    I don’t see the problem.
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  3. white widow feminized
    and I just wanted to make sure that it being this clumpy is still healthy, if i should trim anything because the growth was super slow for the past couple days. first grow don't wanna fuck it up feel me
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  4. They look good to me :)
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  5. I remember this feeling hehe :) That panic you get when you're totally new to growing and don't know what they're supposed to look like so every little change is huge.

    Good news is, your plants are fine! They may be the same strain but they'll grow differently, perhaps they'll even look different. I had a runt of the litter that was half the size than the rest for the first 2 weeks, now it's the biggest :D Keep doing your tests regularly and write them in a spreadsheet/journal, being able to reference that stuff is gold.

    All the best!
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