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  1. Today I transplanted a plant about 2 weeks old from a party cup into a 1 gallon pot. The roots had reached the bottom of the cup, but I guess I should have waited longer as most of the roots broke off during transplanting. I didn't see how many roots were still intact because I was in such a panic that I put the plant into the new soil as quick as I could. I'm guessing there weren't many because I can see many of the roots still in the bottom of the party cup. So how long until I know if the plant will make it or not? Anything I can do to help it? Tips for next time? Thanks for any help.

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    If there were some roots left on the stock, it should recover. Expect to see some wilting before it recovers. The plant will halt for a few weeks. Nothing really you can do but leave it alone and see if it pulls through(it should)
    Next time just cut the party cup along it's side from the top all the way down. Then carefully spread the cut you made and gently scoop the entire soil/root mass with your hand. Do this while the soil is still somewhat moist so it stays intact when you scoop it out.
  3. Ive never heard of roots just breaking off. Your plants might have just been severely underwatered. I turn my started ups upside down and gently have the stem between my pointer and middle finger for support. You never want to force it out. Do this when the plant is more toward the dry side as wet soil will not come out uniformly. Use vitamin B to ease trasnplant shock. Don't trasnplant during the middle of your light cycle either. I have no idea why your roots just broke off roots don't really do that they are very strong. Keep your roots away from light and direct contact with air and oily human fingers. They don't like any of that. As for if it will survive all you can do is just wait. Now is not the time to start pruning. Just let it ease in for the next few weeks.
  4. Thanks for the quick help and suggestions. 

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