HELP! Roor w unknown residue?

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  1. So I recently acquired this roor for cheap. We've cleaned the crud out of it and there's still this milky white residue at the bottome. Its right where the water level used to sit.. some nasty ass dudes had it before :/ I'm tryna bring it back to life, but I'm afraid this might be like.. residue from crack or something. Any suggestions as to what it might be, n how to clean it? I'm probably gonna use iso alcohol and sand.

    Preeshate it.
  2. I don't think it's drug residue. Looks like they had terrible water.

    Try pouring vinegar in there, let it sit for 5 minutes and shake around.
  3. well its a fake, and it looks like it was sandblasted almost at the bottom. its such an even line. but i cant really tell from the photos.

    maybe they just never changed their water
  4. Well at least give the vinegar a try, I had white residue in mine and it came cleaner than new. I didn't even need to add an abrasive.

    Try Coca Cola if that doesn't work.
  5. soda will leave nasty stains on your glass. not white stains like that but gross brown stains.

    just because something will eat the rust off a nail in a week or so doesnt mean it can clean a tube
  6. 420 cleaner rules.
  7. Hah damn I replied above thinking you were the OP. :smoke:

    But who told you this? I left name brand Coca Cola in my tube overnight and it left no stain at all. That was a SGW $300.

    I'm not saying it's going to work, it depends on what's stuck to the inside. It's a last resort though.
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    looks like calcium buildup, probably from hard water. i used CLR to get rid of it on mine
  9. ^^ what that guy said.. its calcium
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    I didn't think it was a fake, went by the guide on here. The roor stamp is just faded in the middle, right where you'd hold it. It looks like its in the right spot n whatnot though, I could be wrong. Thanks though, ill try a few of those suggestions. They definitely never changed the water, it was like a sludge. yuck

  11. No it doesn't. It's alcohol and salt with a price markup.

    It's fake. If you look in that thread that same sig is on several fakes listed. But again... you should let in soak in vinegar overnight... or for days on end honestly... that's what its gonna take.
  12. Very true haha. My build up was from a couple weeks of use, but I was changing the water at least a few times a day. No surprised mine only took a minute to clean. Since then I've used filtered or bottled water.

    Don't give up on the vinegar if it doesn't work instantly that's for sure, that's some unhealthy build up. ;)
  13. CLR will get rid of it in about 10 mins. Just be sure to thoroughly rinse the bong out afterwards...
  14. That bong is obviously ruined. It's of no use to anyone now.

    Please mail it to me and I'll make sure it gets recycled.
  15. i think ima just put clean water in it n sell it to this dude thats coming over tomorrow. hell buy it for fifty or so, no further cleaning req'd :D

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