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  1. How do you tell the difference between a hemp plant and a pot plant i got my seed from the Ontario seed bank in Toronto Ontario there rite there on w lake shore blvb and i really think i got screwed by this guy. I am so pissed I payed $150 for these seeds that are supposed to be crystal, a cross between northern lights and white widow, like i said before in my other post there is absolutely no side branching at all, the plant has straight up growth,not bushy AT ALL!!!it has been in flowering going on 6 weeks now, the buds if that's what you want to call them are very very very small and stringy and the plant has almost no smell. The plant is supposed to finish in about 65 days, if i got ripped BEWARE of this seed company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! any help here would be great!!!!!One more question is it safe to post pics on site of your garden!!
  2. A mix between white widow and northern lights means mostly indica which would be short and bushy, so at the very least it probably isn't what the seller told you it was. I haven't heard of too many people getting hemp seeds though, but I suppose it is possible. Its safe to put up pictures, which would help in telling you if you got ripped or not.
  3. if u got the seeds from a seedbank i highly doubt there hemp seeds. hows ur set-up. post pics so we can see whats up.
  4. Pics would help. It could be stretchy becouse you dont have enough light or its to far away.... Did you use any nutes? Specifics would probably net better answers.
  5. wow, post pics dude and we can give you a sure answer
  6. I have grown Chrystal before it is through Nirvana that I got my seeds... They were 25 us dollars for ten beans... Eight where female. They were the best plants I ever grew and yeilded more than 3/4 a pound under a 400w... They high was amazing and the plants were nuts with big fatty colas...

    I can tell you must have gotten ripped or your setup and or fertilization is fucked.. Please let us know more so we can help.


    Wrong forum to post on as well.
  7. why is this the wrong forum to post on do you mean as far as posting pics?????
  8. Hemp and pot come from the same plants, it's just a matter of what parts of it you want to use...

    And how long did you veg the plants? That's the only time when you'll have a shot at side branching and bushiness occurring. How are you growing? If you're using CFL's, that could explain the problem.

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