HELP! Richmond head shops

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by tehpottestmofi0, Mar 21, 2004.

  1. do you know of any headshops in the richmond area?

    help out please....anything at all in the area...even in like d.c.
  2. dont know of any in richmond, but if you come down to the pen, i could point you out a couple of shops.
  3. There is one right by me, i'm up in manassas, right next to farifax. There are some in richmond, but I don't know the address.
  4. theres one in charlottesville called Roots Rock Reggae. good selectiion
  5. can you give me the address to the one in charlottesville?

    and thanks a lot
  6. yo wesleepipes, where is there one in manassas? i live in fairfax co.
  7. location=W2iD5mUUQk84K9tykMzx7lQc7gZVMlhwf6bGNK1N7

    Thats as best as I can tell you how to get there. It's the dot on the right side called Buckhall. I don't know if you would be able to buy anything though, that guy usually only sells pieces to customers that come in often... I go in there all of the time for cigs so he knew me. If you do go there just say a friend said to come here to buy glass pipes.
  8. does anyone know specific names of headshop's in the richmond area? and i dont need the address, just a general location
  9. no one at all knows anything?....come on i know more than two ppl from GC live in VA
  10. I don't know, I don't live in Richmond. I only know of places in my city, I pay no heed to other places.

  11. do you live in charlottesville? i have a friend who just got a nice spoon from roots. but as for directions ive never been there but i know its on "the corner" which is a shopping center on the UVA campus.
  12. thanks dangerous

    does roots rock reggae have a good selection of sherlock bubblers, spoons and bongs?(ccg)

    anyone heard of Smoke Shop in Richmond?

  13. i'd like to know location of manassas shop too please

    im in Ashburn va and the only one i know of is like halfway to west virginia
  14. or there are a bunch down here in hampton roads (norfolk, hampton, va beach, etc.)...
  15. i think he only wants places in richmond a bunch of other people are just aying they got a head shop in there town
    lol idk imhigh maybe its the weed talking
  16. i live about 20 mins from richmond and ive never heard of any head shops there..but then again i may be wrong.....
  17. I live in va. dude if you look around down town there are some, im positive i just dont remember and im stoooned
  18. There is a place called either culture's or vulture's in carytown, a friend went there and they had some really nice glass pieces and accesories.
  19. It's called cultures and its not in carytown its downtown. theres one off of cary street however called Katra Gala, theyre really cool people and they got some great deals on some sexy glass. they also keep a healthy stock of Nagchampa and some great blunt wraps. I would definately recommend them over Culture's because Culture's staff is a bunch of assholes. Joined the forum just to answer your question so you should prolly give me some of the richmond beast we get all the time.....

    got the address for you
    2225 W. Main St.

    Richmond stoners unite my brother!
  20. reallly? i was about to check out cultures this week, maybe now i'll pass. katra gala's cool though. went there the week before last actually.
    the funny thing is, i live in hampton roads and i've been trying to find somewhere close to home since im only in richmond a couple times a week and my friends are tired of shopping with me. i have the feeling there are several down by the beach, but i cant find anything to prove this online and since parking is such a pain i'd appreciate it if someone could give me a name or general location of some in the chesapeake/beach/norfolk area. im in all three everyday so whatever you know would be helpful.

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