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HELP! Retaking UA, can I use someone else's clean urine after failing with my own

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Texas2012, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. So I stopped smoking 7 weeks ago, I was a chronic user but not really heavy, because I was getting a drug test for professional school. I had a drug test (Sur Scan 10 panel, anyone ever used them?) last week and I just got a call last night saying that I failed for THC. I was totally blindsided, I had no doubt I was clean, but I guess I wasn't. Im still in a state of semipanic.
    So i called my advisor, told her that i failed (not for what though) and there could be no possible way that it was in my system.I explained to her that I didnt tell them what OTC medication i was on, so I believe it is some sort of false positive. They do know what Rxs I am on, and already dismissed those over the phone, the lady on the phone was rather rude and called at like 10:30 at night...

    So what I am wondering, is if by some miracle they let me redo my test, can I use a friend's clean urine, even though I have already submitted a sample of my own (and they keep it for 1 year)? Urine does not contain DNA, and creatine levels and such fluctuate throughout the day, so how could they know it is not my own? Do they compare the 2 samples?

    Secondly, if i get the retest, will they directly observe me? Its not for the military or probation, or employment so I dont know, i hope i will be allowed privacy

    I think my plan is to if i get the retest I am going to get the urine in by carrying it in a condom (or small squeeze bottle, whats better?) in my girl parts, both keeping it at the right temp and being very well hidden.

    Does my plan sound ok? Ive looked over threads to try and find one like this but have had no luck. any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. Ew, a condom of someone else's pee pee in your girl parts. Yucky.

    I recently had to take a second drug test for a job. My situation was a bit different though. The diagnostic company lost my piss and made me take another. I was so close to smoking after my first test, but i decided I should wait until after, just in case. So glad I did. Went in a week later, took the second test and passed. I'm not really sure about your situation, but assuming they don't observe you during the 'test', i can't imagine that they'd be able to tell the difference between your and someone else's piss.

    Hopefully someone else can shed more light on the situation at hand. Best of luck to you.
  3. Yeah I'm pretty grossed out by how I might have to sneak in the sample:/ but I made a mistake, I was so confident after my test I celebrated...with my friend maryjane. I know. Stupid. So stupid. So I'm stuck using someone else's urine or trying to detox/dilute my urine so I can pass. But if I was wasn't clean after 7 weeks I doubt that will work at all.

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