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HELP Required, Not A Troll !

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by UsmanMalik1993, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. Hello everybody,
    I am a 22 year old male and I smoked hash last week and ever since then I have not been normal, everything feels fake and my vision is weird too, I am freaking out guys please help me, This was like the 6th time in my life I smoked, this time I smoked way too much I guess. I need to go back to being normal, I have anxiety aswell but I am always able to control it, this time I can't, I'm writing here with a lot of hope and that you guys will help me, Thank You In Advance. And please, this is not some joke.
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  2. Bro you can't be high for that long. FYI hash isn't for newbies. Eat something take a nice shower relax as much as possible man I'm not being a dick when I say it's all in your head And you need to relax. Eat shower exercise and repeat if nessesary you will be fine.

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  3. Lol I'm sorry to laugh but your post will make several people smile today. If you're experiencing a high that's lasted a week, it's not from the weed. Anxiety is partly the reason why I smoke but is only cured by certain strains. Try a different strain, one that gives you a calmer high, like an indica dominant. Otherwise it's all in your head. Have you tried meditation?

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  4. Well man. I know hash is different than oil but im pretty sure its as intense or even more... Dabs get my vision fucked. I have been dabbing for 8 months almost 9 and even with a high tolerance If i take a couple nice sized ones my vision will change. blurry a bit, sorta feels like the world looks cartoonish/fakeish. You got really high. You're literally freaking yourself out, creating a placebo in a way. Ignore it dude. Its just marijuana. Get yourself distracted by anything. When you ignore it, it will go away. Your just really anxious. I have real bad anxiety and I know exactly what your going through. That anxious oh no i fucked myself. literally i get fucked up vision dabbing if zone out. If i go out or be active in some activity i wont notice the vision change.

    If that doesn't ease you.... Listen people take psychedelics and get HPPD. Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder. Now people get that from tripping. YOU DONT HAVE ANY HPPD OR ANY PROBLEM. Now anxiety me would search up hppd, but dont it will fucking make it worse. Your just anxious. Move on from it. Just accept what happened. Move on. Its done from your life. If you let it go it will go away. If you keep thinking about it, it will stay.

    Relax man. XD

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  5. Placebo, caused by the after affects of the day after (which is usually caused by being too high when you fall asleep or having a low tolerance with a high concentration of thc... which sounds like the case here) freaking OP out that it has lasted that long, probably manifested anxiety that followed him through the next few days. Scientifically, no traces of POT will be in your system in a few weeks... so at that point it's obvious it's all psychological. Eat well, sleep normally, avoid caffeine and you'll be fine. :smoking-bong:see that guy? there he go there he go! :weed:jackpot!:smoking-banana:who ordered the bananas?
  6. Sounds like Depersonalization disorder,
    with maybe a bit of Derealization disorder too.

    It can be induced by Cannabis and I don't
    know of a cure, except don't smoke.

    If you ever find anything that cures it
    though, drop me a note, as I've been
    suffering from both since the age of
    four or five.
  7. Lol this happened to me once in high school it will wear off. My environment felt weird but really only at school and when walking through the halls I would sometimes phase out. Must've been anxiety when I look back at it

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  8. Sounds like you got high. To be sure, do it again. If you don't like it, stop?
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