Help. Remove plants?????

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  1. IMG_1272.JPG IMG_1273.JPG IMG_1277.JPG Hello everyone I'm on day 45 from seed. Planning on flipping to 12/12 in about two weeks. Two of my 4 plants have developed these club like growths and they've been there for about two weeks. Both are in the same spot and there doesn't seem to be any more anywhere on the plants. Just wondering if this is a sign of male. I've been told you can't tell for sure til flowering but others have said it looks like a male. Im just concerned cause it's been there two weeks but I'm also thinking it should be fine since there isn't any more forming yet. This is my first grow so i don't really know what to look for. I have a feminized plant in the tent also and don't want to risk pollination. Thanks!
  2. And I have looked around online and just can't find a definitive answer. Also asked on here a little while ago and got some good advice but I'm just concerned about pollination and I think about removing them all the time but From what I understand I should keep them into flowering or know for sure. Just looking for reassurance lol. Sorry bout the long post.
  3. The top two pictures do show signs of male plant sex IMO. Stay on top of it and keep posting pictures.

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  4. Thanks. So should I wait before removing them?
  5. i agree could be male . they look like mini nuts . if it were female there be hairs . yeah flip them and just keep an eye on them if there male toss them you will know in 2 weeks of 12 /12 for sure . it wont hurt the females in the room if you keep an close on them.
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  6. So I got a loupe yesterday and 3 of the four have distinctive white hairs coming out of what looks to be the preflowers and one has a few balls here and there. So I'm thinking I'll get 3 females. But still gonna keep an eye on them. Still a little over a week until I plan on starting 12/12. Can I be pretty confident just going by the white hairs or is there still a chance they can be male or hermies since they have those ball type things in the pictures above? Thanks
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  7. Just another note. The bag seeds came from some shitty weed that was just packed with seeds that someone i know grew. So I'm assuming it was a hermie maybe? I don't know how that works. But anyway I thought I saw somewhere that if a seed comes from a hermie it has a higher chance of becoming a hermie. Is this true or no?
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