?HELP? relocating outdoor inground plants

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by infantree, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. okay so to get to the point. i got 7 young plants growing and their prolly about 3-4 weeks old. i needed a place to plant them quickly because the cups i had them in when they were seedlings were stunting them badly. so i planted them next to my house. it took about a week after transplant to notice normal growth. too bad my dumb ass planted them in a completely shaded area. they get light from while the sun rises and a little while it sets. thats it. i need to dig them up. there about a foot and a half tall because i topped them. but anyways i found a place to replant them into the ground but i have no idea how to go about digging them up. there about a foot from each other. whats the best way going about digging these babies up. i know they should be freshly watered before and need to be replanted quickly and up to the first set of leaves. but other than that can i get some info? how deep to dig? should i mix any dirt with the dirt in the new spot i plan on planting them in. should i maybe think about doing pots? one is showing female already so i know the rest are not far behind so i need to do this quick. what time should i do the transplant at? i know they should be kept out of direct sunlight until i can tell if they got shocked or not. fuck the rambling just info. i needs info please!

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