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Help Regarding Weed Bud And Leaf Differenciation

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by StonerWolf, May 28, 2013.

  1. Ok. Where I live, getting hold of good stuff is costly. Upto now, I used to smoke really dry and pressed kinda shit. 
    Anyways, today I scored some really good looking shit and it looks different from the things we smoked before. There are like really long (about a centimeter or two I guess) strands of leaf like thing attached to the buds. Mind you I never saw a  proper bud so this could be the bud itself. This is what the confusion is. The guys I smoke with are noobs themselves and they say these strands are the motherleaf and should be thrown away or they give you a headache. 
    But I think they are part of the bud itself. Atleast I hope so cus almost all my stash is made up of this and I  would have been ripped off if it does turn out to be leaves. 
    So help ? Are these leaves? I know leaves are bigger but could this be whatever "motherleaf" as they say ? 
    Its about 1-2 cm long and looks like grass a bit thicker.

  2. Leaves aren't buds. You're asking to get scammed if you don't take it upon yourself to at least do a little research.
    Learn about what you're buying.
  3. I know leaves arent' buds. I'm asking about identifying them. 
    Here's a picture of what it looks like. It looks like the leaf kinda thing Ive circled in red. Is this smokable or not? Btw is is ofcourse a pic off google. 
    View attachment 116913
  4. thats sugar leaf, they are usually trimmed off the buds after the grower cuts the plant down. They dont add that much to the actual weight of the bud and are definitely smokable as they still have trichomes (the white sugary looking crystals on ur ) which contain thc.
    no they wont give you a headache
  5. Thanks..That's a relief 

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