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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by CReyn, May 29, 2013.

  1. Hello all! Im new to this community..I joined today to ask a question of you resourceful individuals.

    Ok- like an idiot, about 1&half years ago i dumped a bunch of buds/herb into a glass jar with some cheap rum. (i know..i know.. Dumb right? I was high &paranoid b/c i thought my landlord &the police were about to knock on my apartment door b/c maybe a neighbor had smelled my smoke &reported me.. I didnt wanna flush it..i thought maybe i could make a tincture of it later...and well, 1&half years later-here i am! Lol!)

    So-just today i finally strained off the rum, squeezed all the liquid from the buds, put the liquid in a bottle &put it away somewhere.. I have all of this squeezed/squashed &wet weed on a plate.

    My question is: What to do with this weed? Can i use/recycle it for anything useful? Cook it? Make tea? Let it dry out &maybe smoke it eventually? Something... Anything..?

    It's almost an ounce worth & i don't wanna just toss it if i can recycle it somehow.. I iwn a mortar&pestle, i also own a coffee bean grinder..(dont got a blender though unfortunately) so can i...idunno...dry it then grind it &put it in something? Please help.. I'd greatly appreciate any serious help :)

    Thank you all & happy toking!
  2. drink the rum throw away the weed.
  3. the alcohol stripped any thc it had, buds are worthless now
  4. Try a sip of your rum, should be very potent by now. :smoke:
  5. Yeah any THC left at this point is negligible. That run will get you there though. :hippie:
  6. I tried a shot of the rum after straining it.. My eyelids feel "slightly" heavy.. But nothing major. Imma try another shot..maybe in a nice hot cup of tea or something.. I really just wanna blaze me up a bowl of my fresh stash..but i am in pursuit of scientific info Lol! (spot of tea with me anyone?)
  7. not sure how concentrated yours ended up but it's gonna take an hour or so for anything to set in
  8. Oh! And i wanna thank you all for your quick replies! Appreciate it much :)
  9. An hour? Ok.. No wonder.. Think its only been about 30-45mins since i downed the shot..

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