Help ready to flush green leaves have yellow spots freaking

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  1. Seeds popped and planted April 8 shared pics on June 17 told need another couple weeks. In soil fox farm Ocean Forest, nutrients pic below. Ph balanced water 6.2 my problem is I woke up this morning to see yellow spots on a lot of leaves what do I do flush with just ph balance tap water? They are inside in order to flush would have to very carefully remove plants you will know why once you see crazy set up to keep cats away. Is it ok to take outside for day as only way to flush? Hopping molasses I started adding 5ml to 5 gal pail of water didn’t do this the leaves were all green last week. Are they ready in a week, should I just start flushing?

    Will it hurt to take outside for the day? Going to 78 f today sunny.

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  2. Great took them outside to flush snapped one nearly in half trying to get them back in the friggin dog cage because I have 3 cats supported it duck tape too didn’t snap clean but toppled right over in half others stressed trying to get them back inside did I just kill everything

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