Help!!!! Quick!!! Flowering issues

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  1. Hey guys my plants are flowering now and are showing signs of heat stress but it's not possible the 400watt hps is at least 20" away from them I have a 80cfm intake and a 170cfm exhaust in a grow cabinet with a 1/8 " plexiglass sheild between the plants and the light I'm also having bad ph problems it's around 5.0 maybe lower and I have used lime and it won't correct ????? Is it maybe my water causing it idk they are in soil by the way.

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    What're your temps?

    How can you be sure and us be sure it isn't heat if you don't state your temps?

    Edit: It definitely appears to be a lockout from a pH problem.

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  3. Sorry I thought I posted the picture it's running around 73 degrees tops 79
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  4. When I click on your images the same one shows up multiple times. Could be an app issue.

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  5. Your problem is clearly a pH issue. Getting that up will fix most of the problems and then you can go from there. What kind of water are you using?

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  6. I can't seem to get the ph to level out in just using tap water should I use distilled ?? And my humidity hovers around 35% 40% at the highest I appreciate the help
  7. Yes use distilled until your runoff is around 5.5-6.0. That should help significantly. Your humidity is fine. Focus on that pH ASAP.

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