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  1. Well I was talking to one of my friends and he informed me that he came across my plants(didn't tell him they were mine) and he told me that he was going to ripp them this afternoon but after some discussion I told him he'd have to wait at least 2 more weeks if he wanted to actually get high from them.

    Obviously I don't want all my work to go down the drain, so my question is will they actually still get me pretty high if I harvest them now? They are already sticky as hell and with several colas almost as big as 20 oz. bottles around. OR would transplanting them to another area work? I'm not sure what color the trics are but there are pistils that are brown already.

    Also I am going to have to dry them outside( not near grow area), I know its not good as indoors but I have no choice. I am not really sure on how i should go about this though, I was thinking either putting a tarp over them or using large rubbermaid containers( not sure how many I'll need for 15 plants though). Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated and repped.
  2. Transplanting from what I hear is a hard thing to do and an easy way to kill your girls, if they arent in the ground and they are in large containers with top soil i'de just move them to a differnet area. It all depends how tall they are and such but i'de move them far far away. You really dont wanna harvest too early or you'll get some shitty immature weed.
  3. Nope they're in the ground.
  4. Pull a bud off and look at it under a 30X or 100X power magnifying lens.
    If the heads of the trichomes are at least 25% milky you're going to be really close to the full potency.

    Personally? I would freaking rip them up as quickly and as quietly as I could.

    Cut the largest buds off and put them in a rubbermaid container.

    Leave the main plants and all the leaf and crap.

    Just make sure you get them out of that container and hung up right away to dry or you'll be looking at some serious mold.

    If they're that big and sticky... it's going to have THC in it already. If you're super unlucky it'll have very low potency and you'll want to chop it up and eat it. It will still do the trick. Heh

    Try a different plot next time? :) With 15 plants to harvest I'd say you'd be set for quite some time.
  5. just tell your friend that there yours and you will give him some for free if he dont take them
  6. Yea, I don't know why you didn;t just tell him they were your plants.
  7. He is your "friend" isn't he?
  8. No disrespect intended, but are you sure you really need friends like this? Offering a cut won't work because he's obviously the greedy type if he's going around stealing the fruits of other's labor. What I want to say is smash his fuckin teeth in, but that ain't herb style. If we go around doing shit like that then we're no better than drug dealers.
  9. Security is #1

    you will still get high but it will be more of a head high as the trichs are probably all clear

    Harvest it now as your plants will probably be really shocked from the transplant and not grow much bigger

    sorry about your friend, sucks when shit happens like this

    Goodluck... sounds like some monsters :smoking:
  10. if i was you i'd dig those bitches up and move them ASAP....... if they start to die after transplant u just cut the buds of them....same as if u clip it now
  11. Damn dude you might want to read the thread title and THEN look when it was posted... He said, "Help Quick"... not a month later... Sheeeeesh!! What is wrong with you are you fuckin' stoned??? LMFAO!!!
  12. I heard once that if you don't feel comfortable tacking a $100 bill to a tree at your grow site than it's not a good grow site. Better luck next time?
  13. dude, if he your best or good friend then tell him
    otherwise, haverest time
  14. I'm sure the situation has been dealt with by now.
  15. Kill him and bury him near your plot for a better grow :hello:
  16. Since taekwondoguy, the thread originator, has not returned here since he started the thread on Aug 9, we can assume he has either sorted it or got sorted himself.
  17. put tons of bear and vietcong traps around your plot. then when your "frend" wants to rip them he looses his legs. i had a "friend" i told about my plants. even showed him. wasnt long after this "frend" told another one of his "friends" and i was beat. all my crop got ripped and i couldnt use that spot again. or atleast i shouldnt have. i used the spot but plants about 25 yds away figuring they wouldnt comeback. nope, the next year, they ripped them again. moral of the story, tell no one unless its nessasary. if the plants are gone one day when you go out. you fuck him up and fuck all of his posessions up so that the amount of money he could have made from sellling your weed is not nearly as close to the damage you have caused. its ruthless but effective.
  18. yup....sounds like the only option

  19. Nope it isn't.
    I would make them famous instead!

    They would be all over Youtube and depending on severity maybe on the local news as well.

    How? Read THIS. :D

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