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  1. I got in some school trouble. They found a knife on me and I got arrested and suspended with possible expulsion. The knife was over three inches. IS there a chance of cops coming to my house??? Idw take down my grow
  2. When I read your post, I began to wonder whether or not I'd made a post when that happened to me, because the SAME exact thing happened when I was in high school.

    As for the cops coming to your house, it's highly unlikely.
  3. It was extremely unpleasent. I didn't intentionally have the knife on me. I have a court date. Idk if I should throw out my grow :/
  4. The Japanese Samurai had a good remedy for your similar knife predicament . It was called "sepuku" aka Hari Kari, It was used to restore honor for those whos shame was too unbearable
  5. In the end the risk you take is your own.
    It is unlikely that the police will come to your house.
    However, if the police did come toy your house what would the outcome be?

    Yes it is possible but since you did not commit a violent crime then it is not probable.
  6. They would search my room and find my grow. If I remove my grow, what should i not leave in my room? Like, what would draw suspicion?
  7. Depends on your local laws. Where I live I grow legally but if I wasn't I could have a whole grow op set up minus the plants and the cops would have nothing to say to me.

    But don't trip too hard. What legal reason would they have to come to your house?
  8. They think I was planning on hurting these some people who were mad at me for "stealing" their weed. I didnt do it. So the police might investigate on suspicion of a violent act? Idk.
  9. They think money got stolen btw. Not weed. The officer also know's I'm an ex smoker.
  10. Stolen Money suspicion = search warrant.
  11. Relocate the plants as of now. I doubt they will commence a search on your house. However if your parent lets them do it without a warrant it is perfectly legal for them to nail you. Safest bet is to move them elsewhere or destroy the op until the heat is off your back.
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    Thats a whole new story right there they take that shit super serious when there is a school involved these days, even if it is just there word against yours... In this situation they may very well pay u a visit. IMO.
  13. they think only a few dollars were stolen
  14. It isn't the end of the world to move em somewhere else or even dump them.
    Marijuana isn't worth going to jail over. We all take risks and have to live with them but if I were you I would cut and run.

    Why are you being shady carrying knives around at school anyways? I know you said it was a mistake but the second you have to start carrying weapons to feel need to re-evaluate the bigger picture.
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    your gonna let em in your house without a warrant?
    if they have a warrant it will likely be related to weapons, so thats all they can look for, if they do find MJ while searching for weapons, you can't be charged for it by my understanding, so the worst that would happen is that they'd take it down and jack all your grow equipment
    so my opinion, don't worry about it man

    especially since its only a few bucks
  16. I would relocate ASAP. If you have previous problems with school and the law I wouldn't risk it. If you are a normally good kid then I don't think they would come search your house. You are young so i wouldn't risk getting a criminal record this early. So if anything relocate and if you can't relocate I myself would cut them down:(
  17. Have you looked into that Sepukku thing yet?
  18. i tore dwon my grow box): and ripped my plant ))):
  19. Are you talking High School or College? Your own place or your rents? Dunno for such an adolescent mistake seems you may not be age appropriate for this forum? Please don't flame just my 2 pennies.
  20. It isn't an adolescent mistake. Grower to grower, age doesn't matter. It's knowledge. And whatever age, we're all here to support each other. So please don't age discriminate me. I know a hell of a lot about growing all kinds of things. Especially weed. Not flaming. Just asking for peace :)

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