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HELP: pulled wisomd teeth = no smoking

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by christofh, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. Just got 4 wisdom teeth out today and was wondering if anyone knew a good way to get around this? cooking sounds good but cant really afford to make some good brownies, any other suggestions?
  2. Firecrackers are really really easy to make. Thats pretty much your best bet.

    Get saltine crackers, all natural peanut butter, and weed.

    spread PB on two saltines, put about .5g of weed thats really shredded up. Put them together and wrap in foil. Bake for about 27 minutes at around 375. Ingest. Be high for at least 9 hours.
  3. so clutch bro, thanks for the help
  4. Oh an since you have your wisom teeth out you might want to crush the cracker up into a paste after and swallow it whole. It might be hard to chew. Oh how I remember having my wisdom teeth pulled. Good luck dude.
  5. I smoked the night of having all 4 of mine out. I just used my chillum and sucked VERY slowly and only a couple hits at a time. Then I would wash my mouth out with the stuff they gave me never got infected or dry socket or anything.
  6. take a shotgun up da nose, my friend got da same thing and he took shotties up his nose da whole time, got him smacked like some shit
  7. I wouldn't recommend digesting any weed or smokin for maybe a day or two so the antibiotics have a full effect. When i got my teeth pulled i looked it up and i read that antibitotics + meds aren't as effective if you have THC in your system.. somethin like that you might want to read up on it. I ended up vaping in like 3 days tho and make sure you don't just eat the cracker if ure makin firecracker that'll totally kill your mouth
  8. Balls man I have to do the same thing... sometime, I keep putting it off and now I'm going to school... Eh maybe next summer.

    I'ma go a different route and say DON'T smoke and when you do after like a week, you'll be blazed as shit.
  9. pop a few vicodins and you should be good:)
  10. Great recipe. I gotta try it after this tolerance break. :mad:

  11. yea i wish i had vikes, only shitty lorotabs that dont even work:mad:, i keep telling myself im gona wait a week, but we all know thats not gonna happen lol....trying to keep calm with some kava tea right now.
  12. i got perks and vics, and used the vapo on the 4th day. so i smoked
  13. Maybe even.....Be sober for a few days (gasp!), the world won't end, munchies and music will be there when you get back, I promise.
  14. just enjoy the percocet.

    if you have such a desire to smoke do it through the nose like nugsta said.
  15. they gave me percodin, the i just made cannabutter which then went onto some mashed potatos...thats my crunchy sutff, just mashed up potatos, cannabutter, some salt, and BAM!!! i ate it the day after i got out, then everyday after...

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