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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by dirklogan, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Watsup everyone? I'm getting ready for my first grow, but I decided I would get you guys expert opinion on what all I should buy.

    I'm working with about a 3x3 work space, so I have decided to try the scrog method. I want to run a hydroponics system so I am going to build a simple bubble bucket system out of a rubbermaid container. Additionally, the whole grow area will be outlined with reflective mylar.

    Now, the main questions I have are about lighting. I'm finding that on ebay, I can get a 150 watt hps light for on average, $100. If I bought this and added some extra cfls (maybe an extra 100 watts or so) to the grow box, would that be enough light?

    Also, I'm worried about an hps producing too much heat since I'm working with a such small area. I know that I could ventilate the grow box with a few computer fans, but would that be enough for proper ventilation?

    Because of the heat issue, I have considered using solely cfls to light my box up. I hear that CFLs won't produce as much heat. Would it be smarter to buy a good CFL unit instead of an hps? If so, about how many watts would I need? Any recommendations for a good cfl unit?

    And finally...I am wondering how many plants I will be able to grow in the area. The hydroponic rubbermaid bucket systems I have seen all have 6 pots in the top of the container. I'm thinking that my grow space is enough for 2 of these rubbermaid containers to fit. So does that mean that I can fun a total of 12 plants? The only reason I am unsure about this is because I hear that you need about 1sq ft per plant, and the rubbermaid containers look like the plant spacing is not very far apart. Remember, however, that I am doing a does this mean I can put the plants closer together (since they veg for a much shorter time and occupy a smaller space)?

    please help!!! :wave:

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