HELP*! Pot transfer..droopyness..Normal??

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  1. Transferred my plant from my 2 1/2 gallon to a 5 gallon this afternoon.

    I am almost positive that I did not rip any of the roots out or anything, and I did it fairly quick.

    It was drooping almost right after the transfer, but nothing else has happened since then..

    Is it just in shock?

    It is showing female pistils now, and I was wondering if you guys think it will now put too much stress on it and make it go hermie?!?:(

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  2. looks like shock, keep in low or no light overnight should bounce back.
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    do you think it will change the sex?
  4. so I gave it no light for 6 hours over night, I am doing the 18/6 schedule..

    woke up this morning to turn them back on and the middle stalk was standing straight up and not drooping and that part seemed normal again , but the sides were still drooping.

    I turned the lights back on to continue the 18 hours of light...and I just checked on it, and it seems that the middle stalk is starting to droop back over again...

    not really sure what to do...:confused:

    Should I turn the lights on? just not at maximum wattage...or what, and should i turn my fan off for now?
  5. next time you transplant you should add some super thrive to the water and soak the soil with it then transplant... or use whatever your local hydro store carries...always use something for transplanting...
  6. With good soil, you don't need to add anything to the soil or water to do a transplant. Your plant likely suffered a little transplant shock and overwatering; very common.

    Keep your fan on and continue with the light cycle she is accustomed to. She will begin to rebound within a day or two. Since the volume of the container has increased, make sure it is completely dry before watering again. She will love you for this, I promise. :hello:

    Edit: The stalk dropped when the light turned off, correct? You can safely leave her in 24/0 for the next few days if you wish to avoid any downtime.
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    thanks for the feedback, but nah the stalk drooped when i turned them back on after a couple of hours.. Im just going to keep on keepin on.... I told her I was stupid for changing homes ... that I love her and want her to come back to me.. :D
  8. So it is still the same...

    The stalk, however, is back to normal again, but the leaves and everything else still droop, and my bottom leaves are starting to yellow...sigh...I should have left her alone.:(


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  9. I just transferred my plants from small makeshift containers to 5 gallon buckets. I ripped the roots a little but not too bad but both of my plants are drooping and one of them almost fell over. Do you think they'll recover from all that stress?

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