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  1. Hi all!

    I will start soon a new project in a closet. The area is divided in two separate spaces, each one about 40"L x 20"W x 49"H. Considering pot height , distance from Led lights etc. I will have around 20" for the maximum plants height.

    Was looking for a 6,5lt sq pot. (1,7gal.) i can fit 8 of them each room, leaving a bit of space in between and around.

    Is this size of pot ok for the height i need?

    Was wandering for a SOG turning on flowering when around 8" tall.

    Soil around 80%coco 20% perlite, would be a good deal? (Dont want to water more then once a day, even on flowering.. Lol).

    Strains: GSC in one room and sweet zkittlez in the other. (GSC maybe turn 12/12 when a bit shorter, cause of proverbial stretching).

    Any suggestion?

    Thank you for any help provided!
  2. yes, that will work. Before you buy, also check out the various bags they sell at You can increase your perlite to 50% and get better results and still no need to water more than once a day. You can scrog with only 8 inch container height. But yes, scrog is a good idea for low height and can be done nicely in 40x20. Mick Foster posted his K.I.S.S. scrog method and still posts and always helps other growers. He knows a lot about coco/perlite and can give you the right recipe for once a day.
  3. I bought a 15gal and I'm not sure if its gonna be too big or is there such thing Haha

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