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  1. What light are you using. How far awway is it? Post some info, don't just tell people to help. There isn't much we can do without this.

    If you have a usable light, just move it closer.

    edit: is it even inside...? Need more info.
  2. yeah if i were you i'd just start over. thats a horriable case of the stretch
  3. thats the only way i knew how to post a picture lol but.......anyways back to the subject. they are about 5 or 6 days old that is the tallest one there is 25 total about 4 of them are around that height the rest are about to the cup rim they are all on a window seel it doesnt get the best light but im planning on moving them outside to get better sun hopefully tommorow. if anyone is wondering about strain it is my first grow so i decided to use bagseed they arent all the same strain neather. the first set is true leaves is developed on most of them some are looking like they are gonna sprout a second they look healthy the only thing im worried about is stretching if any more info is needed feel free to ask

    thanks for the help in advance

  4. You're gonna have to get them into direct sunlight. There's no way around it, unless you want to go buy enough flouros for all of your sprouts.

    If they are too stretched, you could always just barry some more of the stem into the soil when you repot them. That should make them a little more stable so they don't fall over, but I would get them into better light asap.
  5. i dont have any lights to put them under but tommorow i am planning on putting them out to direct light but the problem is there is supposed to be high winds tommorow of about 20 mph will they be able to withstand that? should i cover them up with a clear cup to help protect them? if i did that wouldnt it reduce the amount of sun they recieve thats for the help and the quick replies
  6. Those plants wouldn't be able to handle that kind of wind. You could always try the repotting idea or make some kind of wind shield.

    Even if you do get them out in the sunlight now, the stretching that already occured isn't going to go away. You need to work on making the stems stronger and getting them in directly sunlight

    Sorry I can't be of more help. I'm all out of ideas.
  7. what if i took the cups that there in and just added some dirt to the top of them being that the cup has space and for the heavy winds tommorow duct tapped another clear cup upside down ontop of it with air holes all in it should i bring them in at night i think its going down to like 47
  8. I'd say go for it. I mean at this point, it can't hurt. I would bring them inside at night. 40 something is too cold for those little seedlings.

    Good luck on your grow.
  9. [​IMG] how do you think they look now
  10. Just burry them up to the colyden leaves and put them in direct light.
  11. as a quick fix hopefully it helps as you can see in the second picture i filled the cups to the rim with soil which cut down on alot of excess stem

    To bury them up to the leaves i would have to repot them what size should i repot them in? i hope to have them eventually in 5 gallon buckets should i put them in gallons till i determine sex? what about a light shot of some 20-20-20 or so nutes to help strengthen the stem

    there just in top soil do you know of any other better soils. all of the other soils i saw had time release fertilizers
  12. yea i would go with the gallon buckets for now and leave any nutes untill they settle and get a little older.

    i would leave 1cm from the soil to the leaves and get them outside. if your worried about strong winds then make some sort of wind break but make sure they get a breeze going through them, that is the only thing that will strengthen their stem. also make sure they have at least 8 hours of direct sunllight a day.

    happy growing
  13. i will go get those later on today is that the smallest i can use? if so i will have to put them in my outdoor spot and they will be hard to get to and care for there but transporting 25 1 gallon buckets to there if i keep them in my yard is damn near impossible.wanted to keep them here for a week or so in the cups so they can take the weather more then transplant them to there but i gotta do what i gotta do

    i would have put them outside sooner but the weather has been horrible it has rained for a week straight almost and cloudy if it wasnt raining not very much sun lately but its supposed to get better soon

    thanks for all your help

  14. You have been told by lots of people, they need daylight. So do it!!!.
  15. and i thought mine stretched....
  16. yea lol so did it

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