help!! possible root problem??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by we_r_so_high, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. i've got a couple 2 foot tall ladies that have been flowering for about a week now.:) i noticed that one seemed very vigorous but the other seemed kinda droopy with some of the leaves so i took the bottom overflow off to look for any excess water and there was some in there, but my problem is that the roots have grown out of the bottom of the pot and were sitting in the water.:eek: so i got rid of the excess water. will this hurt the plant to have the roots growing outside of the pot or should i just make sure that i remove the overflow and clean out any excess water?? any suggestions would help. thanks.
  2. transplant them man there rootbound !!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  3. Yeah you will have to transplant with that much time left. The roots need a place to grow. If you have the room for a larger pot, go for it. The plant will thank you. You don't have a ton of time though, I don't like the idea of repotting after a 2 weeks flowering. I would also try to keep the excess water to a minimum.
  4. Hmmm i dunno man. My mums favourite hobbie is gardening...she's been doing it all her life, and she told me that their roots should stick out the drainage holes for a while, because they're only the longest roots, there are still alot of smaller roots that need to spread out in your pot. What size pot are they in, and do you have any pics?


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