HELP PLZZZ got bugs in soil!?! (PICS!)

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  1. Plants only 10 days old and somehow soil is infested with bugs. I can't figure out what kind of bugs they are, but they are small and white and not too hard to see. There are tons of them in my soil! I used MG organic, worm castings and perlite don't see bugs in these products..... What are these things and how do I get rid of them?

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    Can't tell from pics, but if they fly are probably whitflies. They probably lay eggs in the soil. Would flush with mixture of 1/4 cuo of H202 to gallon of water and flush. Put 1/2" layer of clean sand on the top to keep pest out of soil and transplant when dried out some. Lower the humidity. Whatever it takes keep pest away from plants.
    Now with H202 you will lose some benificial organic bacteria, but if you transplant will be ok.
    Watch the soil you use because maybe their were eggs in the soil to begin with.

    Edit:...OK I do see the critter and it looks like some sort of spider, maybe spider mites. See any cob webs around? You need a jewelers loop to check the under side of leaves. You can completely spray the plants with an incecticide for mites. The best way I have found is to mix a solution in a large tub and dip each plant thoughtly. You will probably have to do this a couple times a week apart. Keep th GR clean and watch what you bring in to the GR on shoes, clothes etc.
  3. I can't see shit on ur pics.I'd bet on whiteflies these are more a nuisance then a threat .Also try watering from the bottom so the top layer of soil dries out some.this prob wont get rid of em but it'll slow em down
  4. I take it back see something and it looks like spider mite.check the under side of your leaves for any lil specks which would be eggs.regardless get some neem oil quick.
  5. yeah these were the best pictures i could get they are still frames from a video. I watered the plants a lot (which are 10-12 days old) to try and kill some of these things. I think it may have brought them to the surface but I dono if it killed them. I actually ordered some lady bugs cause I herd they were good at killing these things. I still don't know what they are, they do look like spiders, but I can see them with the naked eye pretty ez so I don't think they are spider mites. I can't spot any today crawling around, I'm guessing they went back into the soil? I did see a big black spider crawling around which I killed.... It prob laid it's eggs in the soil. Thanks for the input I'll let you know how the L-bugs do but I think the water might have done them some harm....
  6. Looks and sounds like fungus gnats. They lay eggs in the soil and the little white\clear bugs come out whenever the soil is disturbed. These little fuckers will eat your roots and cause tons of problems. The first thing you will notice is a stunted growth.

    I was able to get rid of them by using Diatemaceous earth. It is a totally inert and organic compound that is like a mine feild for the little suckers. You can get it at home depot, lowes, big R and the like.

    Google it and do a little research. I sprinkled a very thin layer on top of my soil. Made a 1\4 in. thick layer inside my grow cabinet, and mixed 1\4 cup per gallon when mixing up my soil. Worked like a charm!
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    hey man, i currently am infested with fungus nats and root aphids.. know matter what i do i cant get rid of them.. Ive tried watering and spraying with gonats, blasting them with c02, sticky pads, and a pest strip that was recommended. I will say that i have been killing tons of them! i mean tons! but all it takes is 2 and then you'll get hundreds again overnight! still havnt tried ladybugs but im thinking ill order some soon. I really dont know if the ladybugs will shit on my buds though.. thats been my holdup on the order. I dont want lady bug shit on my buds lol. it looks like Diatemaceous earth was reccomended and i havnt tried that but i think ill give it a try. you should too. good luck to you and i would love to hear how well the ladybugs work!

    ps i have been fighting the bugs for over a month now and thinking i will not get rid of them until the next grow. :mad:. good luck to you :wave:

    edit: i hear they LOVE the water.. so try not to water to much.. they hate the dry soil..
  8. Bummer ksr bugs are lame! Yeah I am still not really sure on what these guys are. I cut up some potato slices and set them near plants I heard that this attracts them and help to control the problem. I will update on the progress, I hear mixed things about the lady bugs.
  9. Nice! i heard that putting the potato slices ON the soil attracts the larvae, not so much the mature ones but its best to go after the larvae because the mature ones don't live that long. also just my experience, i got these yellow sticky pads and they work amazing for the mature ones. its caught thousands fast! I would like to know your result on the potatoes, also let me know about them lady bugs :). Keep trying to find out WHAT they are exactly and you can pinpoint how to kill the little devils.. happy growing
  10. spider mites is what i would say

    pic one is the clearest shot of it.
  11. try watering with a light solution of bt. it is the main ing. in caterpillar kller. it is a natural bacteria that is toxic to larvae and not to other animals. bt bacillus theringensis(excuse the spelling):smoking: i have heard try watering with neem,not during flowering may absorb the flavor.
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    Mite prevention, and quick.

    All of my experiences with MG have included mites too. My advice would be to step your medium up to a pro-mix or sunshine mix based blend. You'll be much happier.

    As for the mites, there are numerous ways to kill them, and I'd reccomend that you expect to try a couple of them in quick succession if you want any real success. They suck man, but they aren't impossible by any stretch. I think you already have the resources, but if you don't, this page is good.

    The Complete guide to Sick Plants,pH, and Pest troubles! - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums

    EDIT: Hmm, they're big? Either way, active mite control should take care of them. Could actually be a predator mite colony, which would be a good thing, but I'd wipe them all out anyway. Better not to fuck with things best left to entymologists.
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    The potato thing will give you a good idea just how infested the soil is with larve. You have to keep the tater moist.
    I don't really think their fungi gnats, but do look like a spider of sorts. except seem light in color. Usually spider mites are so small you can't see with the naked eye and have to use a 30x loop. That's a big critter with just a camera shot. I was not aware that spider mites lived in soil, but feed on foilage. Spider mites lay egss on the underside of the leaves, not in soil that I know about.
    I know that to cure fungi gnats you can mix 1/4C H202 to a gallon of water and this kills the larve. It's really good also for plants getting oxygen to the roots.
    Whatever they are I might just try watering with the H202 and see if you can rid them, then transplant in fresh potting soil. If you have some of that MG soil I would check through it to see if maybe the insects were in the soil to begin with, or if your bringing them in on your clothes etc which is usually the case. Insects like high humidity, so keep humidity low.
    If they are mites the best solution I ever did was to make up a solution and dip each plant thourghly. This will need to be done a couple times a week apart. Beings your plants are only ten days old(smaller)you could use a foilar spray and get everything sprayed including the undersides of leaves.
    Main thing here is you want to get this under control before it becomes a big problem later.
  14. hard to tell from the pic but def research all bugs that attack soil and mj.looks like a spider mite or fungus gnat...these are the most popular pests in growrooms.

    Ive had to battle fungus gnats for a while now and you watering the hell out of the medium actually is making the problem worse.they love the top of the soil when its super moist so def let the plant dry out.

    I use a product called GNATROL that kills fungus gnats and their larvae when their real bad in my grow room.I also have a ton of those yellow sticky traps all over that kill the adults.They lay a ton of eggs every week.when you disturb the soil all the babies run around the top if its fungus gnats in ur soil.
  15. Try spraying with neem and dust the soil with diatomaceous earth.
  16. Yeah I am really starting to think that they were from that spider I killed in my GR. I'm thinkin it laid its eggs. I didn't see anything on potato pieces after a day. There is no sign of any bugs on plant. My plan right now is to try the Lady Bugs and see how they do and if not I'll prob get some neem oil and diatomaceous earth. Thanks for all posts!!!!

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